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That was more piano. You know flavored in you. Know some politics more about you know. Uncle Bell stuff. Yeah, yeah, Har named after that among Shit, so not not really at that time. You know they weren't. There wasn't really a huge amount of things even going to club. Why is that man so it's just it was just a different feeling for them. You know that was always very very a white thing to do you go to comedy clubs? Yes, over the years they would start to come out. They didn't really know how to behave. They fight because. They try to leave off checks. And gradually gradually gradually, they started to get an identity know how to behave themselves when they went to a show, but when it started doing theaters, they would yell out shit thinking they're helping. Yeah, it would be full on blows in the crowd. I ended up even back then. I ended up hiring my own guys to patrol the room. Because without those guys. You couldn't get through your set. But you making most of your money, just doing headline and chat sets. In the? Ninety six, ninety seven. I was already making over six figures a year. So you're you're one of those guys. You're like ninety six. I never understood it, but you got you. Did Ordeals back then, right? I'd Adore deals and I remember because I did a lot of the IMPROV. Stay two weeks like Addison they go there. I would my goal was? The sixteen shows in two weeks. My goal was to make a thousand dollars a show and over a couple of years being there I think I'd made like eighteen thousand now so happy that I would. Got To my goal of a thousand dollars a show because it's on a door deal you could made more could have made more. Consistent. And a lot of times you know sometimes you catch a good. Jesus man a lot of show so like. Where'd you find? was so you built your reputation on the road? You were doing little. TV sets here and their regular and Arsenio. You do the tonight show with Carson or no I. Do you gave November of ninety one? Yeah, it's funny because. I was couple of months before that I dishes for Shapiro. West Dan Barnett they had they had jerry. You Know Jerry show on and MacAulay was. At the course MacAulay, trolling at the melrose that in. The book. The book John. Jim McCauley and I. was I was up on stage, and he's looking at me. Looks at a Georgia paralegals. You handle this kid right here. He goes. No, we're looking at it. He goes well. If you handle them, tell him you know to put some stuff together and to give me a call and a week into come by office, and so when I got off, they go. We think we got to the tonight. Show fucking way. They were standing right next to Jim McCauley. They did nothing Goddamn Barnett. Who God rest her soul. Told me on the phone y'all that me would I was asking about showcases yelled at me. Nobody wants to see you. On the phone you don't understand. Nobody wants to see you. That was my manager Shapiro West. That was CAM Barnette luck in yelled at me. So usually wants to see you signed with now after that, are you? Ready to go after that Mr Star on the walk of fame syndication, bucking wax figure in the Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum. Wants to see you see yet. Remember that too right. You'll never forget that. Remember every motherfucking. I remember every fucking Dang every dance the greatest. I saw Marty Klein came to see me God. Rest his soul, great dude, one of the great agents. Margaret Line Right. Mardi Klein sees me at ABC's I'm Green Man. It's like eighty eight eighty nine sees me Harvey Elkin who was. Had everybody. Go through him at one time. Literally the Broadway Danny Rose Yeah of fuck in Hollywood comedians. Bharti sign me didn't do anything with A. And then. We went in there for a meeting and Mardi Clyde. Doesn't who the fuck I am and he goes well. Who's your age is Danny Robinson but Robinson's son was a younger guy looked like the critic. You know big stomach. Yeah, it'll mustache, so they bring them into the office and I'm standing there and Marty client looks at Danny, Robinson and goes. Would you start working on getting this kid some work and he's like. It's all for show I know and he goes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and as he's leaving Danny Robinson looks down on many, he looks there. He goes nice shoes he so cut to. Have my television show on. Yeah, it's non like two years. Low Sanders is going comic view, he says. Will you introduce me? for Congress and I'm working. Do just just it'll take five minutes. Man Just leave. You can introduce me, and then you can go back to work AS Roma's like. How can you leave? You know so? I left. I went over. There got out of my car. I'm still like in the show thing like a suit. Almost like almost like that seen in goodfellas where they walk in, go down stairs that go through the kitchen. Yeah, they go to the back. He walks on the stage I. here's a Guy Lowell Sanders. They go crazy. I leave I. Walk Back Out. People like me on the back George Lopez Jorge Lopez that last dude at the door is fucking Danny. Robinson and I walk up to him I looked down like this. I look up, I go nice shoes. Last week I said to him. Even your even you know it was. It was despite you know I don't think it's healthy now, but I think somebody who who who who succeeded against high odds knows know. When we were doing the television show the woman play. My mother came in. She was an acting coach. Yet went to school with powers. boothe was related. You know what would work with incredible actors as she comes in one day and she's very demure. She's like I need to ask you a question like. This happen like what motivated you and I go spiked yeah fuck. Buchan Spike me to she goes. That's not very healthy. I said Hey. You got your here now, man. This inspite. For the person that can handle it. Can ride that shit like a rocket in. It'll never let you down. You'll never run out of spite either. No, you won't. I I don't know if it's good. I can't when I was starting out, I can't tell you how many times I would call Dave, Beck and go why the fuck is that guy doing that? Who the fuck is that guy? He got it. How the fuck did that guy get that? But ultimately my spite, it never paid off like. I ended up turning things around in my fucking garage so I I was. Never great at despite. Listen listen. You and I don't really to the site at the airport what time we were always to. Lift. But I didn't give you lift up. The like getting the car back to when when Bronco when the president did your show? I was so proud of you man as a comedian as somebody in the trenches I said man. That's that's. Something Houseman came over to my house. Thanks, Buddy and thanks for the ride. I didn't know walk. Walk. But like what was the big turning point? Though you know you're making good money, you're married at all right I guess. But you. When did you know what you know? What the big! You Know My. My wife had a friend who was an agent at. Eh D'Amato's agent big age. She was like the secretary. And and she called out still live in a Condo embar ham. It'd be nine, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety nine, and she says to me. You know there's somebody that wants to see. You was working on this project with this producers. Kinda Hush Hush must come and see you Friday at the Ice House on Friday I. See him I'm drinking on like..

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