Hannity, Senator Obama, Senator Mccain discussed on The Larry Elder Show


Sometimes mentioning hannity and rally by name now the you know the reason that obama didn't pound the news in mask the way trump is either because the news in mass kissed his blood the washington post even admitted it during the two thousand eight after the two thousand eight campaign they're on with person who's in charge of overseeing the paper to make sure as being fair and a hearing to it standards of integrity she says there's no question that on the front pages of the washington post there were more stories about senator obama than senator mccain there are more positive stories about senator obama than senator mccain thermal photographs of senator obama than senator mccain there are more flattering photographs than it obama than senator mccain no question about no question about it so that's why that's why an compton having been the subject as as achieved with other reporters of what she said with a tight a profanity laced tirade off the record nobody rats amount dispose if donald trump had given an offtherecord tirade rant against the presence in a whole bunch of thanked him would remain off the record you think so nobody would have busted him nobody would added them nobody would conduct urban on you think i don't and assault that is as unprecedented as it is unwarranted really in a soak this unprecedented is it is unwarranted obviously disheartening to cause of the kind of what we do but i do also think there is a significant elevations off the threat to journalists particularly american journalist when you have the president of the united states of america coming out and saying that it is essentially okay'd to disparage and mock journalists with an institution like cnn international that is precisely what i was worrying about once again of these modes where he is consulting with free threats megs astonishing for any public official or knelt president trump but it was for any us president poor frankly only had of sleep militry we would be equally shocked by the kind of whether it was your citizens bush mobile app warned would you television station entirely devoted.

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