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Hello and welcome to trump inc a journey into the business trump from WNYC and Propublica I'm Ilya Marritz. All through the Ukraine pressure campion and the impeachment. The United States was pushing the Ukrainians to make an energy deal with an American company a deal that didn't make much business sense to the Ukrainians the cabinet secretary pushing this deal Rick Perry ended up in a position where he could have profited from it. Today on the show we're going to tell the story of how little no-name Company. Found a powerful advocate in Rick Perry and Perry was becoming known as one of the three Amigos working with Rudy Giuliani on his campaign for dirt on the Biden's in Ukraine. We reported this story with a friend of the show Simon Schuster correspondent with Time magazine Simon has spent years reporting on money and power in the former Soviet Union. It's where he was born yet about fifteen years. Now I've been reporting on Russia and Ukraine and this particular story got my attention around the time of the impeachment hearings actually around October when these two associates of Rudy Giuliani were indicted in the southern district of New York. And that's when we were first in touch and we started looking into what Giuliani was doing in Ukraine especially on the business side. But instead of Guiliani we found Rick Perry over the months we spoke with many people in the US Ukraine and elsewhere with firsthand knowledge of this deal potentially worth billions of dollars that was promoted by Perry. Really successful politician who was the longest serving governor of Texas he ran for president twice and like the president he's done a bit of reality TV. I'm really excited about doing dancing with the stars my daughter's weddings coming up. So I need to be ready to look really good on the dancefloor for her. Down before he was also in the private sector for about two years in between the Texas, State House and the Department of Energy he served on the board of an oil and gas pipeline company going to do what we coal a thought roll. My wife is GonNa to love that move. She's going to bay where his that been. A few months after Perry was cut from the show trump picked him to be as energy secretary. Takes a particular view of his role. He says, these are his words. My job is to go sell American product Jerry Right. Now with an look at the new facility Energy Secretary Rick Perry Mrs Secretary It's good to see you this morning. Thanks so much for joining us. You. Know you welcome Maria. It's a beautiful place out here. Thanks to fracking America's producing huge amounts of guests and Perry says we should be putting it on ships and selling it to our allies around the world especially in Europe, where most countries by a lot of Russian gas so starts talking about old is in terms of energy dominance and his department of energy refers to Elon g freedom gas molecules of freedom today is this isn't just about an economic. Thing for the United States about the supply and the security of our allies in the European theater they don't have to sit there and be held hostage would just want supply of gas the United States whether it's going to be going into Poland whether it's going to be Rick Perry is a proud salesman of American gas. He's already doing this. He's already taken an interest in Ukraine when Rudy. Giuliani. Starts his quest in Ukraine looking for dirt on the Biden's eventually Peres pulled into that that inauguration was attended by a three hope become known as the three Amigos Investors Solomon Volcker and Perry listen yes. This is California Congressman Adam Schiff questioning former ambassador Marie Ivanovich at impeachment. Inauguration in a meeting with President trump are you aware that the president designated these three Amigos to coordinate Ukraine policy with Rudy Giuliani? Cincinnati become aware of that. Perry refused to testify at impeachment. He did deny knowing about the campaign to pressure Ukraine for dirt and he said his work was always focused on making sure Ukraine wasn't held hostage by Russian gas. He didn't speak to us for this story and he didn't respond to many of our questions. While, we were reporting the story on the gas deal. We came to learn that federal prosecutors in New York have been taking an interest in Perry. So we spoke to five people who have knowledge with this. And they told us that the prosecutors have been talking with prospective witnesses and asking them about Perry's interests in Ukraine. It began in the fall of last year October November and it continued until some time. This spring two sources indicated to us that prosecutors have since moved on and Perry is not a target. Prosecutor starting point as best as we can tell, is another group that also wanted to sell American Gas Ukraine. Rudy Giuliani's friends live parnasse and eager fruman. At an intimate dinner with President, trump harness and Freeman bragged about their ambitions for their business or the process of purchasing. Ukraine, right now shut. Off nauseous. How'd you grander? Don't ask. They love you though I can tell you that much they love you. Great. Great. Great fighters very fighters. They love you cornell and Freeman were arrested last year on campaign finance charges. Pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial as far as we know. There is no connection here. In March just as lockdowns, we're going into effect around the world an article about a gas deal appeared on a Ukrainian News site. So this is from March Thirteenth Twenty Twenty and the headline Interfax? Ukraine is Ukraine us. Agree on annual supplies of six to eight billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas for hub creation. Now I may be one of the very few nerds who looks at that and says what? Wow, that's so exciting but. What was translated from me? What does it? Basically, what it says is Ukraine has agreed to buy a whole lot of American gas on a sort of apparently a long term basis and. The first thing I thought was wait a minute. This is the deal partisan fruman had been pursuing. It's almost identical to to the deal that they wanted, but they don't seem to be a part of it. The ideas, the same. So the idea is to take natural gas from the United. States super cool. It put it on tankers a ship it to Poland hype it through Poland to Ukraine or at underground and Ukraine until prices rise, and then sell it westward to the European Union. Potentially at an enormous profit. And this article names accompany that's supposed to be the supplier for all this gas Louisiana, natural gas, Exports Inc also known as L. N. G. X.. Ellen was registered in two thousand eighteen other than that. There was almost no public information about the company but their website had contact details and when I wrote to them heard back right away from the CEO. And you pronounce your last name the French way. Blonde Shea. Well, actually I used cheap lost shot don't shut. Okay. His name is Ben Blanchette.

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