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Tuesday april twentieth nineteen ninety nine choir class had just started a student came running up the stairs and open the door and said someone's got a gun downstairs and they're shooting martin and dozens of other students barricaded themselves into a nearby office for three hours gunshots rattling the walls around them we were definitely under the impression that we weren't going to make it out of there alive but they did still the trauma hounded her for years she dropped out of college but eventually she found her way back to school got her degree and now she teaches twelfth grade english martin says if a shooter came to her classroom now she has a plan and a backup plan and a backup to the backup plan she talks to her students about hiding or self evacuating because i want them to know that they need to take it seriously so i tell them my story one thing martin can't imagine doing is something president trump recently proposed arming herself in the classroom and i love my children and i will do my best to protect them but that's just not something i don't think i could ever do another columbine survivor hopes some teachers well patrick neville was a sophomore in nineteen ninety nine all never forget seeing a father who had known for several years and was running around frantically couldn't find his son awesome alive again and i'll never forget that pain in his eyes today neville is the house minority leader in colorado's state legislature colorado allows people with permits to carry concealed weapons except in schools and some federal buildings and never wants to change that several years in a row he's introduced legislation to allow teachers to carry concealed guns his most recent version failed yet again but neville says he's undeterred he hears from his daughter's own teachers he says who wants to be armed in the case of a school shooter gives me comfort to know that there are teachers who would be willing to protect my kids but we don't let them i'm just going to start off by saying no i don't teachers to be out that's samaras sham a gentle but fiercely opinionated tenth grader renaissance secondary school in castle rock colorado she sitting around a table with few.

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