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President Odwan felt he had to say anything could have issued an unequivocal condemnation of the act along with sympathy for the bereaved perhaps accompanied by a brisk reminder that without freedom of speech, there is no freedom of religion. It would have been a powerful and welcome intervention from the leader of NATO's only muslim-majority country and to country that which at least in theory still aspires to membership of the European Union. Instead of Doin' has chosen to take umbrage at statements made in the wake of some, you'll patties murder by French president Emmanuel Macron, macron honored Patty with a posthumous award of France's highest honor the lesion on donor at parties memorial service macron praised the late teacher as an incarnation of French Republican virtues and declared that indeed party had been murdered for upholding them. Samuel Petty does new volatile of D.. Visas. Once again, for one, the option of saying nothing was right there. However, one I cast aspersions on macron's mental health. Disease Lofta. Doing. Then recalling remarks mccomb had made early in October describing Islam as a religion in crisis Dewan cold for a boycott of French goods then Shinde Militia Mississippi. Suchan. Monaco? US La into vow tipping. Lonely. He wasn't the first. They had already been reports of French produce being removed from supermarket shows in Egypt Qatar, and Saudi Arabia and perfectly fair enough the banishment of bree being in its way free expression in action. But wrong with certainly the weightiest figure coaling for such a moratorium it is, of course, a cornerstone of the populists playbook too soon, which way the parade is heading and get out in front of it. As to why one has chosen this bandwagon to ride it's pretty much in keeping with his foreign policy of recent years increasingly remade in other one's own self image not so much the elected president of a modern republic but some divinely ordained Sultan, he wishes to position himself as a defender of his faith the line from his current needling of France to this is repurposing of the highest Safiya as a mosque is a short one. While other ones accelerating vainglory should not be underestimated as motivation. An amount of cynical realpolitik is in play while it's ambitious for Turkey as a Middle Eastern power are unlikely to go. Full Ottoman they are considerable. Witness also turkeys interventions in Libya and Syria and it stayed on the undersea resources of the eastern Mediterranean. Mostly, however, what one is doing here is what culture warriors of all coins in places do, which is to say that he is absolutely reveling in the idea of persecution by a more or less entirely imaginary or. As also invariably the case with such bloviating those being oppressed matter, rather the less than who is seemed to be doing the oppressing it is instructive to compare to ones fury at Francis Stout defensive. It's Traditions of liberty with his response to China's interning of hundreds of thousands of his fellow Muslims injin Jiang Ankara has importantly called on Beijing to close the internment camps for the ethnic weaker Muslims. The Turkey. Is called the camps which supposedly hold on is about a million Viga Muslims a great shame for humanity Turkey wants a haven full fleeing 'cause has recently arrested hundreds and returned many to China. Ferodo on as all such populist melodrama tists stoking similar confected rows. His spot with France is a vexing Lee. Straightforward win resistance is easy when you're not really resisting anything. The trouble is that theatrical disputes can have real life consequences as nobody in France presently requires reminding some you'll patty was effectively another victim of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. France has already felt it necessary to wall knows of its citizens abroad in several Muslim countries to take extra care of this security. As road ones boycott of French produce many of his fellow Turks. Inflicting that, they couldn't afford it anyway given what has happened to the Turkish lira on Erdman's watch. For monocle twenty, four I'm Andrew Moolah..

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