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My name is Jamie Loftus and my name's Caitlin, Dante. And this is our podcast about the portrayal of women in movies. Is that right? Boy, is it. Ow. No Kraft colloquialisms don't count. Did. I say man, dude and boys so much, and I feel like I need to erase those from my vocabulary this so so instead girl does it has what I meant is do gender-neutral I use it in an gender neutral way. But I know a lot of people who feel that it's masculine and then don't like to be called did fair. Wait, what's our podcast again? So we talk about the representation in portrayal of women and movies. We use the Bechtel test as just a jumping off point to initiate a larger conversation about representation tree. Oh, yeah. If you're not familiar with what the Bechtel test is it is a media tests that you apply usually two movies, but really anything with a narrative was I originated in a book by Alison Bechtel. And I wanted to briefly mention that because a couple of fans of ours. Viola and tie mentioned that the. This was created by queer icon, Alison Bechtel, and then it was actually in the comic strip. It's two lesbians talking about how little representation there is of lesbians in movies. Yeah. So just to throw that out there that we recognize that. And because what's happened with the test? It's kind of been like appropriated by Streep. Yes. So I just wanted to call attention to that that it was specifically the characters in the comic strip are talking about how they see so little representation of acquiring. Yeah. Yeah. For the purposes of artists Goshen, our version of the Bechtel test requires that in a piece of media to women with names, speak about something other than a man for more than two lines of dialogue evening UPC's, very low bar. But if you've heard any of our episodes before you'll note that it is challenging. Oh, yeah. Yeah. John J movies cheat. What do you mean what was the one in? She's all that where they're like. I think you should kill yourself. And these like that's mean in that passes the Bechtel past. But we'll do a better job than that. So demo at Jamie. Okay. Hi caitlyn. Hey, jamie. What's up on nothing? Just saying out with my gals talking about movies. Oh, you know, what this movie made me you have a new appreciation for what's that plush colored shorts? Yeah. There are some male athletes, look nude. Well, now, he's not. Yeah. I broke it. To lie. But oh boy those flesh colored I forgot about the flesh tone shorts. And they really they really came on strong in this loved it, certainly. All right. Well, what's how much further? Do. Let's introduce our guests. We're so excited whereas for our guest today, she is the creator and host of you must remember this podcast and author of seduction sex lies in stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood, it's Karina Longworth high highs for having me thank her during the. You we've been fan Girling on the text. Excited and we're excited to talk about this movie in particular today. We're discussing gentlemen, prefer blondes nineteen Fifty-three movie musical comedy directed by Howard hawks. Jane, Russell Marilyn Monroe. We I don't think we've covered movies with either of them in the before. I don't think. So. No. So a big I hear on the Bechtel cast today. Like, it's the only Marilyn Monroe movie. I can think of off the top of my head that where she is basically paired against another woman. Yeah. Right. I'm not I've seen some like a hot. And I like that movie a lot or at least I did pre Bechtel casts to now I have to see it again. And then decide but I haven't seen seven year edge. And I don't really know not familiar with her other work, really. So I grew up with a Monroe appreciating on coal really laid it on thick most likely for all the wrong reasons of and I have seen a lot of a lot of her movies. I hadn't seen this movie in at least ten years, then I remembered liking it by remembered liking Oliver movies editor so I was pleasantly surprised and challenged by this movie at a number of points where. I thought I predicted because of the time it was made at what was going to happen and very often..

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