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With you this year been an absolute pleasure, Crazy year crazy year and a million different ways. But As it pertained to my time here at the leader. Just awesome. Um Kind of wild we We started it off KNBR tonight was going steady and strong. We go to the Super Bowl would come back. Guess what the world's over figuring it out on the fly. And Truth be told s so happy to get in here. Any time I can spout off these hot takes make some people angry. Amen. I don't mean to. It just happened. You share some good laughs. Get some insight from some fantastic guests get some great insight from some fantastic colors and textures. And one of those fantastic insights. Pertains to the quarterback room. I think that we're all in agreement that no matter what the 40 Niners do. This upcoming off season as it pertains to Jimmy Garoppolo. Whether they keep them whether they restructure him whether they let him go. Matter what they do. They got to shake it up. They got to shake up that room some way somehow, If Garoppolo stays, they gotta have another guy in there. Another guy who's not Nick Molins, who's not CJ Beth, third, another guy who can give you quality. Behind Jimmy Garoppolo. Because at this point we have to believe Jimmy Garoppolo is going to pull a Drew Brees. I'll be in a much younger age and be out for a couple of games Every year. You have to operate as if that is going to happen because Truth be told, Outside of one year, it's happened a lot, and this was the case when even he was in New England. And think about why he was available. Jacoby Percent came in after Jimmy got injured following two games in that four game. Tom Brady suspension to cover ever set comes in. Looks really good. They go. Well, We'll just stick with Jacoby, Percent is our backup. We can get rid of Jimmy. Get a second rounder for Because Tom is the full time quarterback here Now, things aren't working out so hot with the Patriots, and maybe Jimmy ends up with the Patriots. When it's all said and done, Who's to say? No matter what the 40 Niners do. They need to shake up that room. Now, if that shake up means that they go and they get a rookie quarterback. He's the starter and weak one. That's definitely a shake up. It means they go out and get a Kirk cousins or mass. Stafford. That's definitely a shake up. Let's go with what John Lynching Kyle Shanahan have said this week, and we we've gone over it again and again and again. We know that they weren't going to come out in week. 17 and basically say Yeah, we're we're probably over. Jimmy. Jimmy's just not that good. We don't like him, and we're gonna let him go. The players under contract for next year. And as we were talking about with Matt Naoko, not too long ago, much like with the mic McGlinchy situation Great. You think? Hey, we could do better. And you actually have to do better. You have to have a better option. Whether it's one that you're selling or one that is empirically better. You have to have him ready to go. You can't get rid of your quarterback unless you have a replacement waiting in the wings. And maybe the 40 Niners. Wait a year. Maybe the 40 Niners say running back with Jimmy. Let's see what happens. We know we can get 89 wins with Jimmy, even if we lose some guys Even if we lose Robert Saleh. We also then have a quarterback that we could take the entire year. Work with them and get him ready to be our dude. Whether that be a first round pick a third round pick or seventh round pick. They have a guy waiting in the wings to take over Nick Mullins. Might be a good backup. I don't like backups who you don't want taking over. I don't like backups who don't push the starter. Not when the starter isn't a true bona fide franchise quarterback..

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