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Pushes the puck out the center a sweeter on the left wing sites Sentinel the hotline that class thanks with a huge he got his body in Florida as well they're not the puck away the far more sensitive the time at least and maybe took only a point for the Panthers yeah S. Corey Crawford continued to come up big as he has been since he is a kind of recaptured the net here even prior to the trade deadline but never the less the Florida Panthers kept on pushing the Blackhawks were just trying to hang on inside two minutes and just as Sergei Bobrovsky was starting to make his move to the bench for an extra attacker Florida was able to even things up after some passing up the far side now Matheson got free over the hot wings Matheson found a way to work the park all the hearts along the right wing sinus surgeries and got down the right wing of our hearts still beat Bradford with assurance with one twenty eight left in the third were tied into medicine getting behind only mine on that particular play was able to break into Conor Murphy had a decision to make decided to check the the player that was coming down the far side as mathematics in it up keeping it for his eighth goal of the year Hoffman getting his second point of the night and a helper on that one and we would head to overtime again the Florida Panthers outshot the Blackhawks seventeen to two in that period as we mentioned we Troy opportunities with their I. Dylan Strome breakaway a great look from Alex DeBrincat Drake Caggiula hitting the post with two and a half minutes to go shortly before that equalizer but nevertheless we went into an overtime in that frantic overtime Corey Crawford stood tall especially in the last ninety seconds or so where the Blackhawks were trying desperately to get the puck out of their zone but had so much difficulty doing that because I was able to stand up stopped all four shots he faced from Florida even the pressure seemed a lot greater than that fox to get three shots on goal earlier in that overtime period against Sergei Bobrovsky still under the shoot out we went let's start with the home team getting the first selection Frank Vatrano had a hat trick against the Blackhawks here back in January and he was the first guy that Joel Quenneville sent out he's ready he picks.

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