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Ars Matic socialite hiding a dark secret her character name, or you know, when we see it. You know, there's a lot of time between when that's going to happen. We have the final season of game of thrones starting next year thousands of years prequel that's pretty big and before your role. I gotta get to traffic and weather real quick songs. About candy hit me songs about candy. This is from. What's the company named lyrics? Something other than the tallied. How much candy is mentioned in songs in which brand name was mentioned the most in songs, and they came up with Eminem's being the top one because this is Halloween up to one hundred twenty two mentions of Eminem's in various songs from aqua a chance the rapper ice cube. Travis Scott and more. So Eminem is the top one. The second biggest is skittles with one hundred skittles appears for everything from Elvis Costello to beyond say to migos and more. And then from there it goes Hershey's kit Kat jolly, rancher Tootsie roll starburst and with twenty nine mentions. Pop rocks bringing up the rear again. I think if you're if you're rhyming if you're wrapping if you're just trying to put together Lear pop rocks easier to rhyme within jolly rancher I would think so too. Although they the the candies. Have different properties. And I think jolly ranchers are are a little more well-known, then some most people than pop rocks. But you know, I don't know. Okay. Well, keep after it. You're the man thanks for the early report mean LA time, it's five eleven I'm surprised he can put syllables together. Let alone gimme raps and rhymes. But.

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