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Us in this show will be recapping the story of part one while diving deep into the making up. We'll be talking to people like writer and creative director Neil Druckman. First they don't like each other, and by the end of it, they're going to love each other, like the way a parent loves a child or a child loves their parent, and they're willing to do Anything for each other. You'll hear from voice actors like Ashley Johnson in Troy Baker. I feel like the line is blurred between me and Elliot. This point she may be a monster. But for right now she's a little girl and I can't abandon the little girl on. We'll be talking to some of the developers who created the game from the ground up on. I could sense how different thiss game was from any other game that existed before the fact that the game has both a clicker ripping your No doubt and Ellie telling you a joke from a joke book. I think that makes for just a really rich and multifaceted experience. You want to just leave you here? Yes is no way I will not turn into one of those things. How could you not know what losses in this world? I mean, everyone has lost someone also give you what we've all been waiting for You behind the scenes look into the making of the long awaited sequel. The last of us part two. Definitely. This is more of Joel's story. The first game. Where is the second game is definitely more belly story. Even if I weren't a part of it. I would be blown away struggled long time with surviving, no matter what you keep finding, Never wait for weather get the store teammate forecast of the top 30 past each hour. On news radio w F L A with Hurricane Sally's still in the Gulf of Mexico. We're going to keep extra humidity and some extra clouds around today with a high of 87. That heat index will be in the mid nineties. Watch for showers this morning and will bring the rain chance up to about 50% for the heavier downpours later today, and most of the rain does taper off this evening. But look even a small rain chance overnight with a lot of 76 tomorrow a little bit more sunshine. So a little warmer 89 40% rain chance There is a high risk of recurrence. If you're heading out toward the water in the southeast window 10 to 15 knots I'm accident rate meteorologists. Police span the UV index is for right now. Mostly cloudy 79 degrees in ST Petersburg, 78 in Clearwater and 77 that your severe weather station news radio fella Next update at 6 15 on Chris trunk Man. If you don't know you're about to this's am Tampa Bay with Jack Harris. Aron Jacobsen, Katie, Luchino and Natalie A Quilliam on use radio wofl, eh? Good morning. It's Tuesday morning or Wednesday. Eva's We like to call it because we have webs world obviously coming.

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