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This police dog on the other hand shears fucked twice. So you really want the dog to kick the shit out of me and the first time around is horrible sounds. It's not as bad as doing a two-time right. You're almost hoping for the worst. It's like I hope I get in one really bad motorcycle accident so I don't have to get into another motorcycle accident in twenty minutes. It's the truth because you WanNa get it over with because otherwise like. Like you said you're going to be doing time and time again in the second and the third times you get a little more after you feel that I whatever it is that I sang or bite every time you do it after that you get a little more, no matter who you get a little more tentative, it gets worse and worse now. How does it go as far as the sensors go? Because you know this stuff is kind of hard to define it's it's It's gory. It's violent. It's homoerotic. Yeah we're Murata and your sensor, and normally sensors have a certain rhythm whether like listen more than two F. bombs. It gets an. Are you know more than one booby seen? It gets an NC seven right? You know they've the little little little chart. People keeping their wallet for Tipping. You know. What this guy's getting the Cox bitten by snakes that are in socks. By acts and stuff like that an eating shit. Were they. How do they figure that one out and then have they? Have you had to fight for things within things out like all right listen, we'll let. Will Let What's his name in the sock? The snake that'll stay. You can't fuck that yeah yeah yeah. Yeah, right you that in. We lost thirty base with the APP. Yeah, two digits in that's. Really is uncomfortable each movie. It's different shoots movie. It's different usually board in than the year since. It was conservative before it's liberal next time. I don't know what it's going to be like this time, but they're going to really have, but you know you're getting an are y'all and an NC seventeen. We don't want it and said you don't want an NC. Thank you very easily have it but. Then there's that thing where like literally they review it and they go seriously. The you know you have seven and a half minutes. If the act fucking, we needed under five minutes of the act. Fucking I'll give you the. Yeah Yeah. It's like a Byzantine system that no one really understands fact. There was A. About those people I thought, were they sort of tried to find out who are these people that are dictating what can and can't be in our movies right and they're. They're anonymous. Speaking of dictating in I. Just saw Bruno I was on HBO. In and there's about two minute little montage of nothing, but a full screen cock, going round and round and round and it got. Well I saw that I'm like we may have a shot at getting a lot of different things in there. The whole thing about this is is it's really it's like when we'd be on comedy central when we're doing the man show and we'd have some bit. Where like we said the chicks private parts smells like the open sea or something, and they go to non non. You can't do that, and then after our episode, the man show South Park come in and be the one where they're. Talking Shit for twenty, and then he'd be like well. Listen you have Mr. Hanky he's talking piece of. Really. We can't say balled up panties or whatever there's we've got fucking. Knicks on our show is not a science by any stretch imagination. If you go well, there's two minutes of just full-frontal Bruno's cock swinging fees, doing puppetry of the penis straight in front and he gets he gets. He gets an hour, but not NC seventeen and more for share. No, it doesn't work that way. It should yeah, but it doesn't i. hope it does because we. Man Pies's got a sweet cock and yeah. More people need to see. Chris wanted to put it in the stock and tempted the snake to. Do you think it's possible doesn't exist in the world. A female who would like to be a jackass who like want to do stunts that could potentially hurt her. We've had. Mackenzie Phillips is the. Around she's a fucking your dad for ten years. Bailable available. The ultimate, that's she I mean I say she would say no too many stunts that. She she ultimate jackass. Those Johnny Knoxville. Hanging out.

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