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Not i tunes it's true they basically don't care about i tunes they don't care about people who have music on their computers they care about you paying a regular subscription fee to have music yes streamed on in case you're wondering how many phone users there are there are according to google which is actually according to statistics dot com there are two hundred twenty two million smartphone users us in twenty seventeen in apple to hold a considerable market share with over ninety million actually that's just two years ago so actually a nice fifty millions of pretty large marketer and this fifty millions not just us though it's international okay and so that number is a lot bigger yeah so it's a pretty small slice of the c i it felt small when you said fifty million to me i feel like it's not millions a lot what is it like ten bucks a month for apple music and you get all the music that's crazy i mean why wouldn't everybody just by that i think people listen to music differently these days isn't it because they don't have to buy it i think it's what you listen to music on youtube yeah and i think it's also the how many of the add on services for media are you going to have in your life like like for some people i bet you they're making a choice between hbo versus a service like this i don't know i just go back to having my collection of cds and that would grow and grown grover the years and it's so much more convenient to have this but also i mean there's certainly comes at a price and i don't mean the ten bucks devalue the music because it's basically free i don't know something interesting posted on facebook this week by john carr mac.

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