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Let me out. This is Mark Webber. I'm under house arrest. But I love my home. E. I love being at home way will do its home. I'm going to tell you what you already know. 2020 ranks up. There is one of the worst years and our history the world's history, my history. Miserable, but I'm not depressed. I'm alone but not lost. I'm sad but not unhappy. I'm frightened, but I'm not scared. I'm worried for me, but more for my family. I understand the rules, but not the game. Play the game, but don't see the endgame. I don't see what it'll take to win. I'm in the race but don't understand the finish line. I hear the plan but don't understand the direction The ground is stable. Yet the earth keep shifting. The story's changed. No one knows what to believe. Now. I'm miserable but not unhappy. Ah, miserable, but I'm not without hope. I've learned so much this year. I've learned more than ever about people. I don't like humans, but some are amazing. Been startled by their brilliance, grateful for their sacrifice surprised by the resilience But in the macro, I don't like humans. They're often wrong, but never in doubt. Many you're stupid, and the problem with stupid people is they don't know They're stupid. So you can't reason with them For the first time, though, perhaps in history, we're all in the same position together. Everyone is affected. You would think it's obvious at this point how to behave yet? We don't Well, stupid. 2020 has been a year to forget. Too much must be remembered for us our lives for our careers for humanity. I've told you nothing that you don't know that you don't feel that you haven't experienced that You haven't shared Humans are resilient. We have found the way to exist the way to go to carry on. Not to move forward, at least to keep moving. The world closed the world reopened. This still disaster all around us. Health work Well being still not right. Not normal. I forgot what's normal. We've persevered. We've lost too many. But I've learned 2020 is a horrible year, but it's almost behind us. That in of itself is cause for celebration. There appears to be a sliver of hope. A sliver of light at the end of the tunnel. I so much want to believe in me. I'm under house arrest. Don't have the electric bracelet on my ankle physically, but mentally, it's there. I'm under house arrest. I'm sheltered in place. Have a great year for us on the radio and podcast. I've enjoyed the writing The time I spend with Jesse the time thinking on while I'm not participating in life observing life house arrest clearly much too long. But perhaps I'm benefiting from it. Perhaps all of us will look back on these times some day. And remember the time we spent with ourselves was time well spent. 2020 has been on house arrest. I'm recording from home. So much has taken place that I've seen through this window. That's the plan for tonight. This year is ending, but there's still no end in sight. Still, it's worth some kind of ceremony. I have a synopsis new president but we have an old president. Bankruptcy and plenty of excuses who we started with a healthy economy with no unemployment. We ended with no economy with everyone unemployed. A plague and a vaccine. That's it 2020. I'm done. Let the ball drop. However, I have to say there were some things that I think about, I guess stuff off the beaten track worthy of a call out, and that's the plan for tonight. House arrest 2020 Insights being at home this year. I already knew how much I love my younger son, lawyer and co host Jesse Weber. Hey, Jesse, I gotta say it's amazing that we could do this show from home and we're not even together. Don't you figure this out? Well, I could say, genius, but that wouldn't be true. Look, the truth is My generation is just more comfortable on the Internet. We can figure all this stuff out this so much that we deal with its ipads iPhones computers. We learned about this stuff when we were babies. It's like second nature for us how fast sometimes you're amazed at how quickly I can type it does. It's not a big thing to me, but like you're amazed at how I could do it. And if you think about this year and technology I mean, if we had to have a pandemic, thank goodness this pandemic happened in 2020. We can order everything. Online food, clothes supplies. We can all communicate with each other Zoom face time We can work from home. It's amazing how much technology actually saved our lives. That's very, very good. Call out. I haven't thought about that. That's a great call out. Yeah, Look, I wasn't around. And what was it 1917 for that pandemic, But I don't know. It's probably a very different than it was here. Now. I'll tell you, I'll tell you there's some technology that I haven't used. I haven't been in an uber. Since March. I miss it. I miss the convenience of it. I've been walking everywhere. My legs are stronger. But when you're walking in the cold in the rain, I do miss that uber you, on the other hand, as much as I seem to be good and technology. You see if the struggle a little bit, my friend. I feel almost like you're you're vice president of technology. Well, I question Yeah, I need help from time to time and I'll tell you I'm really computer savvy in Technology literate, but you seem to have a doctorate level. Well, wait a second. I have to explain things to you over the phone with your computer. And are you sure you want to say that you're savvy with the computer? You're like, What is this box? Mean? What is this Little arrow? I don't know where I am anymore. We're going to start over. I wanna move on. What did you think about my synapses for the year? Did I miss anything? Those three sentences summing up the year Well was it was to the point. I can add things like scary, miserable, depressing. I could add all that. You know the psychology affecting people, all these different issues, But all in all, I'm with you. I'm with you. I preferred not dealing with the misery of the year on. I like these observations. Look, stuff happens. So I'm with you. All right. And by the way talking about computer technology, all right. I had a nightmare that I handled myself this week. That's what out you You're ready. You know who my best friend now is. Ah, I don't know The motive. Vehicle Department. I Congar Rinty you No one has ever said that before in their life. Everyone hates the DMG. My best friends, all you know, and you need help You wait on the phone for about an hour and they actually pick up and help you. But that's not what I want to complain about. Or I want to talk about. I have a great story. I think. First of all, I needed my car registration Renewed. I got an email that it was coming due back in November, and the car registration was due in January. I told me go online and take care of it. And, frankly speaking, I went online. I was able to register cough virtually That's still free. Paid for less than a week later of my registration came back for the car. I was amazed, but I have a slightly different nightmare coming on my license. Was due to be renewed in February and now starting to wonder. How am I going to renew my license in February? Don't I need an eye exam? And I looked it up and sure enough You need an eye exam, and there's no answer Butts. Went to you. And you were basically no help. By the way. I'm sorry, Maya Vision test expert and do my work at the D M V. I did the best I could. I was actually to be intellectually honest. I stayed on the phone for three hours trying to get you an answer. Yeah, well, your incident help very much Mr VP of technology. I did try. I've gone to to my doctors in the last one was in 2015. I finally got the guy on the phone his assistant anyway and I asked if he could do a virtual eye exam for the Motor vehicle Bureau, and they came back and said no. That they can examine my eyes. So this been freaking me out for a long time..

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