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Big news i've ju- gotti under my umbrella for cameo as as very exit. He reached out to me And i have juju gotti under my umbrella. I jus gonna kill it on cameo. I'm about to claim billy as well. I dunno where we left this. I have no idea. But billy wants on cameo i have over fifteen thousand dollars or request. I need to get to i. We'll get to them today tomorrow. Silly not that much. Aren't you charging one hundred su. So here's the deal with. Addison and i'm trying to tell this to your dad ok addison. It's like golf chris. If you choose the play with a caddie he knows the golf course. He knows the terrain either. Trust caddy or you. Don't addison in fact alcohol catterson. Okay canisius he's our caddy. He's the guy who takes us through cameo what he sets the price. He lowers the price he ups the price we want. I just trust. Addison do catterson is in the do whatever the hell iwon am. I getting this wrong. Are you screaming at us right now. Like are you extra louder. You just stugotz like you just fired up. I'm very excited very passionate about what's happening now. Okay continue. i'm sorry. It just seemed you were screaming. I want billy to enjoy what it is. We're all enjoying the love. On cameo make money off of billy billy ever enjoy what the rest of us are enjoying. It's the whole role. He's been such a great as suffering around here. All right. i'll pay. I'll take the other side on this one. I just not like him. You like look. I love our fans. I'm just not good at it. I'm gonna be awkward and uncomfortable and like stick. Let me let me tell you a quick story and this actually is a quick story. I was asked to do for the graduating class of my high school. Just like a quick congratulations video like less than a minute. No live less than a minute right. I said to my hostile report dateable for you and poppy team times and lie made those meet. We need to release those. I was like i would wipe congrats. You still have that. Does he still have that to someone. Is that video available to us. Let me see. I let me see if i can track it down but it was so bad and i did so many different tastes and i'm like no like and then at the end of all that i'm like none of these people even know who i am. Why am i recording video or then. This is absolutely nothing to these eighteen year olds. They don't know. Why didn't you ask me to do this. I was there for an hour trying to record a one minute video just saying like hey good luck are this year. Wasn't that good. You know hopefully next year in college things will get better like what why tell an eighteen year old about a pandemic. I've never been through this. I'm going through it just like they are. You can imagine how hard cameo is going to be for me when it's like. Hey tell my person happy. You know twentieth. I dunno whatever it is. What what did they requested of you guys. So far you guys fifteen thousand dollars. You have a record recorded one video yet. I don't think there's no way you're going to be able to keep up to the with the demands Able to keep up with demand. Like here's here's one of the first ones. I got Hold on should we just do some of these now. Those people would appreciate that. We're here with you. Do you want a bang out a few of these. Can you do it quickly enough to your first one here with us live on air. Yeah i'd like to. I'd like to pick out a few. Because unlike greg i'm actually gonna put some effort into there's like one guy wants me to give a hot take on the braves. Nc state or the carolina panthers. So i was going to go home and try to do it like in a braves shirt or brave jersey mafra maximum effort. These people are paying a lot of money to deliver a message. Okay everyone skeptical now chris. You're not believing serious graves. Close get outta here. Don't know if. I have a brave jersey. I'd like or braves cap or something. Atlanta braves related liked to do it in a braves journey floor. All right. can i get back to what we were talking about. Just because i want the audience to understand what we're going through right now and how funny it's going to be to watch all of this because we are totally untethered right now. We're almost talking directly to you because you're just getting us from a variety of different places none of which actually own us so we're headed into negotiating period and the first order of business. Is everyone fighting over the cameo money already. Like it's the first thing that has arrived with freedom and it's not surprising to me at all but what's to god's saying here you guys were immediately skeptical about how much efforts to god's is gonna put into this. You guys made faces. As soon as he went down the path of all the effort he was going to put into this and as we head down the path of just brazenly grabbing money from our fans. Because this is this is a really strong community and everything we've ever asked them to do they end up. Doing i would like to do this with grace. And in our show style. I would like these people to get a little piece of the radio show like just you're getting a little private show. That's what i would like for them to get for their money because we're sitting here and it's literally taking your money so i would give them a little bit of a show in those cameos. So they're earning so you're earning the forty dollars because it actually feels personalized. I plan on on absolutely trying to deliver them some sort of show being serious here. I'm taking this very very seriously. Because i think it's important for us to do for our listeners. And i see a real revenue stream here for us guys. I really not altruism. It's got sees money here and sees being able to that directly cash in on. I appreciate the honesty. Because what i because. This is why the reason i appreciate the honesty. Look what we do is a character and isn't and let's speak most freely here now that we know that we're speaking to the people who just ride with us. Okay the construct of this entire show as a comedy troupe has been disguised for eight years at espn is if we're a sports show and so we leave the machine and now you see what's left behind us. It's the pieces of the machine. That absolutely don't do it this way. The stugatz thing has been a construct but it is only him turned up to ten. The real stugatz. That about a nine like it's it but there is some really nice stuff around the money with him and so legitimately i'm going to present you something that's do. God said to me before we got here because it was heartfelt. No but it was nice. To god's but i also didn't know whether or not to believe you because someone just toasted glass there's liquor in here for some reason. Can we do the drunk sherry christmas. Dan that's remain christmas drunk. Show where there are no rules. No you can get drunk. Wait a minute what did you. I'm not getting speech today though. I think i might want to get drunk. I think those would be great. Cameos from drunks. God's i have no issue doing the show drunk. I have no issue do a drunk cameos. I have a keynote speech. Give today at eleven forty five. So what kind of tequila is this. You bring an end. Does it have the wrong honest. How did this get here. I brought it in yesterday. Yeah at the pick up my laptop. So i made a little drop-off santa may delivery. It's it's an expensive tequila. I don't know if you dry your tough to shop for man. I was just like give me your top shelf. Give me the most expensive to kill. You have not had king to kill us. I love you acting like you don't know what to keel. Is what you know what brandon. I don't know what this is. But i'm going to now have it for breakfast day in it so this is good here so i want you guys. Give me a real verdict. Yes billy giving just rewind for second. We're talking about how much god's and how much he's trying on cameo..

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