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But i truly thought it was prisoners go like being forced to do something now it's not and so then i was like i got to see this again and i take another edible and again i just wanted to be sure don't do that and i kinda got through more of it and then fell asleep by the end and i have no idea what was happening you know at some point like that virtual fighter from this spoiler now nobody understands there was like a scene it yeah i don't unders i i'm trying to wrap my head around it in but when i talked to people like in less public spaces i just go oh yeah very good what what a brave film i say things like i've just heard like it's just cool that movie like this can exist but they ruined the nyalali of my childhood by putting all those women in that it there was no dilation before this one but it's it's mostly women right once scene yeah i like to yeah it's very good it is all right big thunder thanks for asking doug i i saw the movie upgrade actually the tier at the fest you saw it here yeah and movie i saw i saw brad before that was the florida project which i really when you when you when you're a parent and you there's a movie where child is affected it's like tears your whole fucking world apart and i'm a dad which obviously like most ads do have a kid.

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