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I give it to your as you would have done the same by feel like it's he to me. He never looked her way the entire episode. I founded I felt for I I don't I don't care for her. But I did feel for her in the episode because I felt like her husband isn't including her in his thoughts. Like, she's literally not a he he was like. Oh, hi bull. When you know right front. When she had been there the whole night. It was it was a she just walked in. I mean, I don't think he sees her. I don't think he. Pays a lick of attention to her. Then why is he married to her? I well, you know, the Hawaiian are these people. Well, why are they with each other? Not one is a maybe stock in her boyfriend. I Jackson Britney as fucked up as they are make them it. That relationship makes sense to me. I don't think it's healthy writing get make sense. I am not. I don't disagree. But then other Arianna, and Tom Bob relationships doesn't make sense screen. But I've heard I guess from Casey because she talked about the screen. He loves watching live. He says he loves throwing like, he lo que great. He loves her. But you know, it's an on seemed to be having sex. Right. That seems to be a problem in a lot of the related, right? Like, oh, you never get sleep together in their right there. You know, we're so I don't know. I've I felt for Katie. I think oh God. What did that one say? You know, I I want I said to him. Well, he goes she started at the end of the episode. She's like yelling do be. To be loose. Mitch he's so broken like in that moment, you really feel like yes, not form. It's like she's truly hurt. Moving to me. We were just listen to me. And he's like, I don't like the sound of your voice when my husband, and I fight like we fight. But that's so mean, well, that's what I'm saying. No, I don't think he cares for her. I don't think he likes her. Now. I come to Vander pomp, mostly when I'm gonna do this. So I'm not as dedicated. So I don't know it inside and out. But from what I've seen. I do not see a man who loves a woman. Not like Andy Garcia. Meg right different. I don't see a man who loves a woman. Wow. They are out golics. Like Meg Ryan is movie to help us at all. Wait, Daniel, hood, most terrifying thing I've ever heard in my life was easy. Peasy lemon squeezy. I've probably spent it, and that's what is that. Is that a free at you everyday? Okay. I never heard that more that Kristen is. She was like I wanna be easy breezy. Lemon squeezy Kristen says, anything weird and terrifying showing. Showing what shook me to my core was watching Malla pretend to Jose. Now, look we're all under this being the bay waitress like, I believe the illusion. But I really sat with myself a moment when they're lawless like I'm gonna wash the menus off and ask the person who has hostess and wash many menus. I just was like, I don't believe you get that moment is when I chose to come into my body and be like, you're giving the performance of a lifetime La Land..

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