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Zero zero first golfers and Penn state this is gonna sound like a broken on weight but I'm not he was just the last one of them several go first to I suppose shooting opportunity which we've seen all too often the fear and what it really looks like the difference tonight Bali is the mentality of Penn state is through the park yeah the gophers mentality seems to be score a goal well there's a distinct difference between the two dot net in a live situation the worst that would happen is you would at a rebound for teammates yeah does Johnny Sorenson not what you're referring to I'm sorry yeah I'm sorry me and he does too from a top of the circle right between them and it just went high and wide but the idea is so right three and and when you were conversing with Bob Moscow before the game that's what Bob was pointing out and they were scoring challenge right now and when you try to get too cute instead of putting it on you're just taking away your own opportunities have the confidence to put the puck on goal forget the part about being able to score let's get the puck on goal and then worry about the second part later yeah and there's a reason why Penn state is leading the conference in fourth in the nation in goal scoring thank you Gretzky once and he it'll scoring goals shooting you miss a mis a hundred percent of the shots you don't take exactly I believe yeah limited talk of respectable wine and and so now we feel like crazy this scoreless the goal opening period here from three marine Amir UT Penn state now call.

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