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Never to remove guns from the streets of st louis was may be to successful with organizers running out of money to buy up all of the offered weapons the one hundred twenty five thousand dollars in donations wasn't enough in some people had to be turned away but lee said three hundred three handguns five hundred thirty three long guns and six assault rifles were purchased north korea is calling the latest round of un sanctions against it an act of warren as npr's laurel wisely lee reports the measures follow the country's most recent intercontinental ballistic missile test un security council voted any sanctions on friday which coffa sharp limits on threes imports of refined oil and require north koreans working abroad to go back to the country within 24 months north korea said the sanctions amounted to a complete economic blockade and called it an act of war the united states read the resolution which was approved unanimously by the council npr's laura walmsley reporting supporters of egypt's president announced on sunday that they have collected more than twelve million signatures from people urging him to run for a second fouryear term abdulle photogr el sisi has yet to formally announce his candidacy but there is little doubt he will win next year's election guatemala's president announced on christmas eve that the central american country will move its embassy in israel to jerusalem becoming the first nation to follow the lead of president trump and ordering the change guatemala was one of only nine nations that voted with the united states and israel on thursday when the un general assembly overwhelmingly adopted a nonbinding resolution denouncing trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital i'm jim hawk npr news in washington.

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