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Life. You know my my best friend from high school. My best girlfriend she had an event where was she went paralyzed and we didn't know if she was going to live or not. <hes> that about two months starting in february yeah and <hes> you know then in in name my my you know my you're not supposed to have favorites but i do have favorite nephew. Nephew who's who's twenty years old who was shot and the ball state <hes> university be which was one of my alma maters. Where i i i went to college <hes> he was shot in the shooting there and he now wants around with two bullets in him on his back <hes> because it's too close to nerves and you know we went through that in in may and you know my father who has dementia he had and then they that was and the books coming out in june eleventh and so if it was as if once again prince divining in my life present itself because i'm two thousand four when i first met him it was very much that when i showed outside was like you know looking for a party and and he knew how to thought he was still partying it stars like the music and the concert but it was like was how bible study you know what i'm saying yeah it's he's not the live others expect and yeah so the project just realizing the fragility of alliance so very unreal and i was already in the process of the final edits of the book and instead of allowing these events to source that i use them to propel it and and also is managing the the emotions that the events elicited you now it was also very finely time that <hes> the the legend of that matter van has written by an author name on steven pressley becomes but he's and he sent me a copy of this booked artists journey at that time which really gave me an extra boost in an extra kick right at that time and no yeah i mean it's just it's just so and he's really cool like it's just a magnificent journey when you when you sit back and 'cause i came so close to publishing this book. You know it was no. You have no idea i went. I went back and forth like before actually just doing lenient even after lead it then the next day after it's released. Isn't you know an amazon best dialing like five different amazon bestselling in categories and that was completely off my radar but more so than that the people who have reacted to the book and comes to me with pictures and messages emails telling me what the problems mean to them. That's the ultimate rewards. That's that's what it's it's all about and it's just been such a beautiful experience. I even the public that i am. It's nearly impossible to put into words. Wow you know <hes> that's that's. That's just amazing amazing <hes> when you when you spoke about <hes> you know some of the different <hes> life stages of life events experiences experiences that are found here <hes> in the book one well mini many jump out to me but this poem here <hes> and i think it goes for you know it's written obviously obviously from a woman's point of view <hes> or experience but clearly as this has been written. I mean they can apply to either <music>. <hes> in any way you wanna look at it but the poem exodus <hes> oh brother yeah <hes> allow me oh right yeah go ahead no do i wanna hear yeah yeah. The tower yeah <hes> right his venom out of your bones owns. Wash treachery from your stand. Forgive your misjudgement. You simply let the wrong one and end purify your heart expelling all sins. This is the place to begin the exodus yeah yeah that's not resilient. Thank you so much. That was dutiful. All these words <laughter> <laughter> it'd be like and i mean just you know just the imagery <hes> you know i am. I allowed my stuff. I need to say this. I need to say this. You gave me an opportunity to come clean because see the people people and this is something many strange because i wanted to talk about people..

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