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Like the only the only really choice if you don't have the hot Donna and our homes on it. What About Coal Chuck Proteins? And the I mean how much difference between taking a really cold shower ice bath versus Kreil cryotherapy the place that I took you to. Yeah so I mean there's there's differences in I mean so it depends on how long you're staying in a cold water cold shower like actually being submerged from if you're making the ocean or something or lake and you're like from your shoulders down like that's probably much more powerful than just having the shower on but by the way the shower like some days. I'm like matter this. This is not cold at all. You know it's just so variable whereas you like southern southern California live on the border of Mexico yesterday so so so most of the time now show right after saw like my shower time now and so like I. It's I do about six minutes and it's so easy for me I totally have adapted and I'm not sure if I've just totally adapted or if it's just like my faucets isn't it just doesn't get cold out cold. I really doesn't Today I took a cold shower From home and my son is not there and I did just because I wanted to. Have the mood affects north and effort. And that's been shown to be increased And it was much colder but then again it was a different shower. I'm not sure if it's because I didn't have the hot before you know beforehand like the huffing hot and getting the cold shower like it just feels really shock but the culture shock. You asked me coach the that that hasn't really been measured in humans Is Measured Most? The time with culture is norepinephrine release and we're friend in plasma and there has been studies correlating nor up in plasma upon cold exposure norepinephrine release and plasma to In the brain where it's involved with like mood and focusing attention so there's been studies where like you do a two minute cry. Oh whatever the average temperature it's really cold minus two forty s Yeah and then that could be compared to like you know a longer. A longer duration degree I think fifty degree Fahrenheit water or something like that. I don't remember the exact time but but it is comparable but you have to stay in a longer duration so some people prefer ice baths. Some athletes prefer the ice bath versus cryotherapy. Even though it's probably more painful because it lasts a lot longer. Have you done those? I've done it. I've cry the so I've have you ever done the cold shower after your sauna. Yes do you like like it a lot like it particularly after hot? Yoga after after hot. Yoga is especially in the winter when it's actually cold the water's cold. That's what I love it. There's something mood enhancing. I mean these things also affect the immune system but also very relevant both cold and hot they both have been shown to increase lymphocyte numbers and also like other milot cells and stuff and people. But but like there's something like I've done the sauna and then gone into an ice bath and then you know it's just really hard. It's cold I mean you feel good but man you know. I think just like the guy's house I was doing and I was trying to impress them so you know I'm hardcore this but it was. It was pretty intense. I do I do want to get some kind of like they have those like ice baths that you can like regulate regulate the water temperature ones that you plug in. They're not ice baths Litas cooled like yeah. We wanted to get one here. We're probably GONNA wind up doing that. Get one here because showers and the shower Nickson as kind of useless to who uses the here. Jamie just me. You don't use. The Sauna is occasionally occasion. Yeah I also had a gym. I was going to you. Do use the that right. Yeah.

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