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Muller last two effort to fire Muller his attempt to fire mullet. Why he moved to fire Robert Mueller that the president sought to have mother dismissed June trying to stop robbing mother from doing his job. Stop Muller from doing his job. You mean from conducting a fake investigation for two years or rather an investigation of a fake premise. Robert Muller was chasing big foot for two years. That's what he was doing. There was no Russia collusion. President Trump was interfering with Robert Muller's Bigfoot, quest wise, big fella mind, you'll see in the next hour. I've got a special surprise for you all it's pretty funny story, actually. So you have to stay around for that. That's right. That's what we call a teaser in the business. But, you know, the robber Muller spent tens of millions of dollars looking for the Loch Ness monster. And now that he didn't find it. They want to tell us. Well, Trump tried to stop them from finding the Loch Ness monster. Guess what? There was no monster and he didn't stop him. But now they're saying that he thought about or talked about stopping that's a crime. That's a there's a solid Casey made that the president's constitutional authority allows him to fire Muller for any or no reason. John dowd. President Trump's former attorney he certainly has some thoughts on this play ten assigned to deal with Muller at no time to the president ever say, John I'm going to get rid of him. Cochran. Do it was just the opposite. His the message the president had for Bob Muller to me to carry one. You tell them I respect when he's doing number two. You're telling me, he's got my full cooperation number three. Get it done as quickly as possible number number four of whatever else you need. Yeah. Let me know. So that was always the best. And that's exactly what we did as you know, we produced everything without a documentary shirt out ally. Can you imagine it Washington something that a lie? Not only did President Trump not obstruct this investigation. The cooperation that he gave was far and above what I would have. Honestly, probably advised him to give I mean to not claim executive privilege, which would he would have been well within his rights to do. And would have probably saved a lot of the you know, sort of embarrassing behind the scenes conversations. And they're only embarrassing because the president is expressing his outrage at being set up at what was a frame job. And so he's trying to it. So I'm not even sure it is embarrassing. It's just that the media says oh well in order to try to beat the new cycle that day. He misled them on this issue or that issue. Oh, Trump's such a liar. Your Trump such a liar. The people that actually Trump such a liar. You know, they're the ones that were trying to get Hillary Clinton to be the next president United States. I haven't forgotten about that Hillary who, you know, wiped her server what with a cloth Hillary who said that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia. Hillary who said there was nothing marked classified in her Email Hillary who said that she didn't know what the C marking meant confidential meaning for classification in her Email Hillary who claimed that she turned a thousand dollars into a hundred thousand dollars trading cattle futures by reading about it in the Wall Street Journal when the Wall Street Journal's. Pages. The time had no cattle futures coverage. There were other reasons how she made that money with connections in the state of Arkansas, but. I join you to sit here and Christopher Hitchens wrote a book if any of you are curious it's short. But man, it is good. No one left to lie to about the Clintons. The Clintons lied as much as anybody on planet earth could ever lie and not only did Bill Clinton do that for eight years including lying under oath, which he was not charged for. But then Hillary built an entire political career on lies. And they wanted her to be the president. They want to tell us how could you support Trump? He lies. Oh, yeah. Like the Clintons aren't lying all the time. Is it buck? Two wrongs. Don't make a right. Okay. I'm not saying what Trump does is. Right. When he lies. I'm just saying guy fights fire with fire. And I'd rather my side win. It's a pretty straightforward calculation for me. But they're saying, oh, he tried to fire or he doesn't try to fire Mueller. If the president were to fire more, you know, you could do call over to the department of Justice on the president United States on the leader of the free world. Hey, Muller, you fired. He didn't do that. So this is all just grasping at straws. This is this is nonsense from the lives, but libs are full of nonsense the.

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