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Jim by fitz Gerald autumn all when it comes to to con air bags don't risk it fix it is if it's Joe twenty gave this bird transparency and trust that it's the fits way rich hundred WTOP trapped early quite weather pattern for the next several days clearing skies for the pre dawn hours will turn rather breezy could be cold too bye sunrise our temperatures of pertains to middle twenties late say a good deal of sunshine but a breezy and a chilly day highs upper thirties to low forties but Winchell Savannah twenties for much of the day good deal sunshine on Saturday for the start of a warming trend highs low to mid fifties sunshine Sunday highs mid upper fifties Monday a chance some late day showers has been fifties showers on Tuesday with highs in the fifties I'm still deformity Rogers Buxton effort we're in twenty eight degrees this two AM our Friday morning February twenty first in Culpepper twenty seven Manassas twenty seven Leesburg and Silver Spring it's twenty nine in Annapolis thirty two Waldorf we're thirty now aside the WTOP studios in DC it is to eleven on WTOP good morning glad you're with the sisterly our CBS news update from confidante and adviser Roger stone was sentenced to forty months in prison for his conviction of lying to Congress obstruction of justice and witness tampering CBS is Jeff the gays this judge not going with the seven to nine year term that the prosecutors submitted as the original recommendation but going with three years and four months still a significant amount of time for Roger stone but will he surveyed president from said he believes stone will be exonerated they say he lied but other people like to just to mention call me live.

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