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Also, he liked a battle. How will the death of Chad's president affect security in the Suhail? The fear in Western capitals is that terrorists will turn this entire region into a new Afghanistan or Syria on Dr vast numbers of refugees across the desert and into Europe. Washington and Beijing at odds on so many things, But on this issue, they've chosen to collaborate. Climate change experts in China and the U. S. That I've spoken to this week used more vivid term to describe it. They say the agreements a miracle. Well, that's on from our own correspondent with me Pascal Harta after this bulletin off BBC World News. Live from NPR news. I'm Nora Rahm. Several states have now resumed the use of the Johnson and Johnson Covad vaccine. Federal officials had called for a pause and distribution. To investigate reports of a rare blood clotting disorder. Doctor and shoe kit is with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She says they determined the benefits outweigh the low risks. Now people have three vaccines that we believe are safe and very effective. And can protect people from the virus that has been causing his academic health care providers are to give recipients and updated fact sheet about the vaccine. To explain the rare blood clotting issues. Nearly 1/5 of a county sheriff's department in coastal North Carolina, has been placed on leave or resigned since the fatal shooting of a black man. Last week. NPR's Sarah McCammon reports. The passport in county Sheriff's Office says three deputies have resigned for reasons not related to the death of Andrew Brown Jr on Wednesday. Seven others are on paid administrative leave. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and the Elizabeth City Council are calling on officials to release body camera footage from the fatal shooting, which took place while officials were trying to carry out a warrant. Councilman Michael Brooks says council members are preparing to petition a judge to release the video. We got to do more than giving the greed and family words they want to see some action to wars what they will consider justice for their love. One North Carolina's State Bureau of Investigation has taken charge of the investigation. Sarah McCammon. NPR NEWS Elizabeth City Authorities in Nashville are investigating a fatal pollution police shooting this weekend during a traffic stop chest. Sisk of member station W. P. Ellen has more body camera footage shows a one minute encounter in which a man emerges from a car that's been pulled over on a busy corridor. Within seconds. The officer pulls his pistol and orders the band to drop a kitchen knife. After briefly running away, the man turns toward the officer who fires three shots. Nashville police Chief John Drake alluded to the scrutiny being paid to such incidents. When I got the call this morning, I had mixed emotions, especially with all that. Going on around the nation and in this city to say, and even before the shooting activists had been planning demonstrations in Nashville there, spurred by the killings of a community activist in a three year old girl in the same area earlier this month. Those did not involve police officers for NPR news. I'm Chazz Sisk in Nashville for the first time, the U. S. Has characterized the killing and deportation of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire is genocide. President Biden used that word yesterday on Armenian Remembrance Day to recognize the events that began in 1915, where a deliberate effort to wipe out Armenians Previous presidents did not say genocide to avoid upsetting Turkey. This is NPR news. Former top adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has criticized the British later publicly for his lack of competence and integrity. Villa Marks reports from London Dominic Cummings help Boris Johnson win the last election and deliver Brexit He's now level the damaging list of allegations against his former boss. The latest accusations of both sort of growing scandal around the access businessmen have had two senior members of Johnson's government, including the prime minister himself. Villain marks reporting at least 23 people have died and dozens more were injured in a fire at a hospital treating Covad patients in Baghdad. BBC's Will Leonardo reports. The blaze was caused by an oxygen tank that exploded videos on social media showed chaos inside the smoke filled corridors of the even her deep hospital in southern Baghdad. His patients and their families try to flee the building. An eyewitness said several ambulances that arrived to take survivors to other facilities nearby. Medical sources from those hospitals said there were dozens of injuries. The blast was reportedly caused by problem the storage of oxygen cylinders, which has been set up to treat covert patients. Officials say 90 people rescued from the hospital out of a total of 120 there at the time, and the fire has been extinguished. Will Leonardo of the BBC authority is an Indonesia now say it appears a missing submarine has sunk. And there's no hope of finding any crew members alive. Over 53 people on board the sub, including the commander of the Indonesian submarine fleet when it lost contact with authorities.

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