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Actor jussie smollet in a sixteen count indictment that alleges that he lied to Chicago police about being the victim of the phony attack. The former empire's star had been initially charged last month by prosecutors on one felony count. The filing a false report. The incident sparked breathless international media coverage in Ted social media, speculation accelerated by the political implications of an openly gay black man's alleged assault by attackers who put a noose around his neck. He claimed that they yelled maga- tried to bring Trump and Trump supporters that oh my God. The Trump racist white supremacist. Mega loving Trump loving attackers. They hit him because he was gay because he was black. And of course, it was a complete like a complete fabrication. Chicago police had worked around the clock on the case for three weeks, I to investigate an alleged hate crime. And then to completely dismantle smaller story this data what I'm reading is coming from the Chicago Tribune. So this is a Chicago Tribune report. And then on February twenty first the day that was charge. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson blasted this guy for dragging Chicago's reputation through the mud. So the breaking news is that jussie smollet has been indicted on sixteen counts. Dumb ass. But I'd check. Yes. Dope. Yes. Unbelievable. That he would even think that he can get away with this. You know, the the story from Chicago Tribune said former empire star, I know that they they cut them from the last two episodes, but I had not seen sewer. They fired him completely. So. Yeah. I I had not seen if he had been fired completely. I don't know. Could you could you look up the the Chicago Tribune story? I just ran it seems then the k they call them the former empire star format seems to suggest that he was fine. I still remember that. But what a what a moron. They ought to throw the book at him, and he should be prosecuted to the full Senate the law. He on a have to reimburse you he wanted more money. He thought I guess he was making one hundred thousand dollars an episode. He wanted more money. So he can cockpit the scheme I by sending that that letter with the Canucks fake cut out letters, you know, trying to signify a ransom note was cutting letters out of a magazine and this threat against his life with a noose hanging around a stick figure with a gun to his head or something to that effect. And then he's going to die and this and there was white powder in the envelope. And it was mailed to the production office for the TV show shot in Chicago, and that didn't draw enough attention that wasn't good enough. He was disappointed in the response. So he concocted the attack on the street. How people think they're gonna get away with this nonsense that it's not going to collapse that it's not gonna fall apart. That to me is just. Incredible. Just amazing. I've got a question for you in the final minutes of the show here. So can can I see my call screen here. Please. Can you move over? The I want to see the cost. Thank I wanna try. And if you're going to open up a few lines here. I wanna know what you think what you the Schnitt listener thinks. Here's the story. I want to know what the reward money should be what he thinks fair. There's a crazy story. So a guy came forward this week yesterday. As a matter of fact, a gut. Oh, okay. Thank a little little late. But better late never the name of the hardware store where the the rope was purchased was called crafty beaver crafty beaver. Yeah. Not to be confused with beaver liquors, which is a fine wine and spirits establishment in Avon, Colorado. Which I been to beaver liquors many times over the years. Yeah. I'm not making enough. There's an actual there's a folks those that are listed in Colorado. You know, all about this or those in the Vale area in Avon..

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