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A shower you can go back to sleep for twelve minutes. Go get your coffee and let the dog out. That's another eleven minutes but then end up having to sprint out. The door i yes. I relate to that so much. i don't know what it is even like. I'll just get this. I don't like i'm trying to figure out what triggers it. Because i will get just a wave of feeling tired and overwhelmed and i'll be like especially now that i'm second home the time i'd be like i'm just gonna go get under the covers for like twenty minutes or something and do this multiple times throughout the day but i think there's a little bit different than what she said. I think for me there must be. I don't know if it's like when. I have to make a decision. I don't know what it is but something just like i'm like fainting goat. I gotta go. I got flag down. Yeah i feel. That's funny i i am not a morning person. The funny thing is i remember. I think it was my mom might have been. My husband was like fear not a night owl either. Like i'm like to stay up to like three in the morning. I'm asleep person and i have made. No there's no shame in it. I just need a lotta sleep. I need like nine hours. Which i know people are like but hey that sounds great to me. It's amazing and even then sometimes like i could sleep more so you know that's just so in the morning definitely but i bargained for more sleepy time so i've gotten to the point where i know that i don't like to wake up multiple times because then i just feel more tired i still don't you know it's like not helping me but i set my alarm the last like so i have to get up like there's no negotiation it's alarm on off. You have to be like on cameron like thirty minutes. Get your shit like come on katie. Get it together. it's time and so i do. I definitely do that. So i yeah. I feel that on camera question. I recently plugged in an old hard-drive of mine. And i found something called like you know name of project self tape and it was me auditioning for a show and i was going to say the name but i. I've decided i'm not going to be maybe later. And i put myself on tape for it. And i i clicked on it and i looked so tired and so like not into it and i watched it and i was like no wonder. I didn't get the gig. I look like and i remember i. I think my attitude was like. I just have to turn something in. Not like there was no joy. There was no sparkle though anything. And i've been thinking about that lately about how i need to always make sure that i like. Turn it on. If i'm going to be on camera and for something like the podcast. That's different because again. Youtube dot com. Such alison rosen. See whether i turned it on..

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