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For electric vehicles and the storage of renewable energy Lithium graphite nickel and so much more U.S. inflation remains the highs it's been in some 40 years to mar the government will reveal how the labor market is fared in March when it releases its big monthly employment report The oil cartel known as OPEC plus will stick to its current plan to increase oil production gradually and PR's Brittany cronin reports the group is staying the course despite a recent surge in oil prices In a short virtual meeting OPEC plus decided to continue increasing oil production by around 400,000 barrels per day as widely expected That means OPEC is sticking to a previous agreement to gradually increase production as the global economy continues to recover from the pandemic The Biden administration had hoped that OPEC would increase its oil production a lot more to help relieve oil and gasoline prices But OPEC members are limited in how much production they can add anyway and some countries have struggled to meet the existing agreement Oil prices spiked after Russia invaded Ukraine Russia is a member of OPEC plus Brittany cronin and pure news Ukrainian officials say most Russian troops have now left the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in northern Ukraine and PR's Greg myrie tells us Russian forces seize the plan at the beginning of the war While the Russian forces have been in control of Chernobyl for the past month Ukrainian workers continued their job of monitoring the plant for any safety issues Ukraine's nuclear agency says in a statement that two columns of Russian troops have left the plant leaving only a small number behind At The Pentagon a senior U.S. official describes the move as part of a broader pullback of Russian troops from areas around the capital key and other parts of northern Ukraine The Chernobyl plant side of the world's worst nuclear disaster in 1986 is about 60 miles north of Kyiv and just a few miles south of the border with Belarus Greg myrie NPR news Washington A spokesperson says CIA director William burns has tested positive for the coronavirus burns will be working from home quarantining for 5 days At last check on Wall Street the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 550 points one and a half percent of the close at 34,678 the NASDAQ was down 221 points one and a half percent its NPR news From WAB E News in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim burris or time now is four O four A bill that outlines a new process for banning books in schools is headed to the governor's desk Martha Dalton reports Senate Bill two 26 requires school boards to develop policies to review and remove books considered harmful to minors from school libraries If governor Brian Kemp signs the measure school principals would have 7 business days to review parents complaints about books they consider obscene Principles would have three more days to inform parents of their decision Local school boards would have 30 calendar days to decide appeals School districts would be required to post titles of removed books on their websites within 15 business days of a decision The Senate gave final passage to the bill this week in a 29 to 21 vote along party lines The Georgia library media association which is made up of school librarians across the state opposes the measure Martha Dalton WAB news Service workers who clean Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport when a major victory today after 13 years of asking picketing and eventually threatening to strike for higher wages airport cleaners will get a minimum of 12 to $15 an hour Now that's up from the current minimum of $8 50 cents per hour Chris bauman is the regional director for the service employees international union Yeah it's a nasty job cleaning at that airport cleaning bathrooms cleaning vomit exposed to germs from all over the world even during the pandemic right They were on the front lines where a lot of us got to stay at home They didn't get that chance because they had to make it safe for the airport We'll have much more on this story coming up later in the hour.

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