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People will just point like the high school graduation rates and in mississippi. It's like the dead last in the country and oh look they're also dead lasting covert like. I'm not going to come out and say that stuff you guys can look it up yourself but unfortunately we do have to talk about covert. I'm really annoyed with it. I got hit out here guys. La county and they came down with some bs mandates this week that's had four youth sports. Yes that is like seven eight nine. Ten eleven twelve year olds at youth sports before a practice. The athlete has to get a test and before the game an athlete has to get a covert test. Like personally i want some techs chains with dad's for some of these teams mostly dads that i know 'cause you gotta be careful the cove stuff and i'm just telling you these guys are like laughing like yeah sure that's really going to have good luck enforcing that i don't a i don't know why soccer is outside outside. It's an outdoor sport. You're out side. Our kids don't even have to wear mass at recess out side like a listen. I know delta serious and people are hospitalized and you can't vaccine give the vaccine to ten year olds but folks. It's really becoming a story. Not just in the youth sports level again. I'm la county. Maybe it's not bad everywhere else and oh by the way forty five minutes south in orange county. It's not bad at all. They don't care vice sports indoors ov- whatever but like that was one of the bigger stories in the nfl this week and that kind of sucks because if remember last year not only do we have the coverted but we had the election and that just tore apart the nfl season. It was like a subplot that nobody wanted. Nobody and now we gotta kinda do that over again. I just want the football. I want to gambling. I went to fantasy. I want all that stuff. I want my sunday's sitting down. Maybe with cheese and bread six but hopefully not watching red zone on one channel watching the local gym on the other and watching the jets on my phone. Like that's my sunday. I seventeen eighteen weeks that for me. That's amazing like i love it. No other people think i'm a little crazy. You know like you get invited to stuff. And i gotta pass like ninety seven percent of it a couple or make a couple exceptions. Listen unless my kids playing in like some high level tournament and a huge game is a damn good gentleman. Be like yo. I'm i'm gonna sit this well. I did get invited to so fi stadium Last year no two years ago two years ago when they were building it. My buddy got a tour and then afterward They took you over by car to the los angeles coliseum and rams forty niners and i normally unlike no but this is like building an incredible stadium. You walk around hard hat. Of course i had red zone on my phone quietly But like i that was tough you know and of course the game i bet on the wrong team in that one and yada yada yada but I don't know robin kind of nervous. About covert like this buffalo bill situation. I don't know if you want to set this up. I don't wanna read like the whole saga. But essentially i guess the buffalo bill bills have cameras at the facility and they have somebody monitoring the cameras and they said you. Joe bob had your mass pulled when you walked into facility at two fifteen or whatever and they had screengrabs later..

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