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I mean, I is the show as a platform for something stupid, but I'm glad when people are able to the show as a platform for something positive that is meaningful to people you're shows are stupid. Well, you'd have got you have to say that your your Minnesota nice am survivor night, but it's still stupid. You know, I listen to every podcast leading up to me getting on the show. I did puzzles all day and listened to rob as podcast. Yes. Okay. Well, we deal. What we said that you've been through a lot. All right. Then one other question for you. Speaking of being through a lot. Let's go to our good friend, Edwin, hey, what is good Sunday in rob at Wednesday here. I was just wondering what you thought about survivor fans using her name for terrible puns in fantasy team names. For example, Rob's teams is any given Sunday Burke west. A couple other examples would be like a tribe called Burke, west lazy, Sunday request. Total request live the Pittsburgh Steelers, bequest love, deeper quest, Brooke Sunday for quest for fire request coast offense. Taking back Sunday request. Jordy Nelson day, perk, west, see my vest. See my vest made of real Sunday request. Our quest was one totally cotton ridiculously request. With per question Wildcats. Easy like Sunday request. That's a little rude. Yeah. Officer my under progressed western cheetah Sunday, Bloody Sunday request south by request Nobre quest for the wicked. You must phrase your response in the form of per question anyway, as a couple. Thanks for taking my call, stable, crushing it. All right, Saturday. So Edwin Redford's us. I in a fantasy football league where half of the teams have a variation of your name as their teammate, inspired way. My my my several year running team name of any given Sunday Burke west, the actual team in the lazy Sunday Burke west. There is a Sunday money. There is a Sunday Burke quest for fire, a tribe called Burke quest and total work rest live. Yeah, you're blowing my mind right now fantasy league. It's I don't talk about it a lot because it's my worst fantasy team that I but. Got it should not be a reflection on you Sunday. No, I don't like that lazy Sunday one. Is that the one you're you think that's not me and that's and that's the SNL skit, lazy Sunday. So. But you have the people are doing puns on Burke west also, which. Have no idea. Tyre thing was going on. I should be platter thou really right this similar to like the March madness bracket, but you did. Request they request March madness. I, I think I should start getting some royalties on all the times. My name is thrown out there. It looked good to be popular. Well, it is. Better be talked about the not talked about disagree. I don't know. I my mind just blow now about this whole league missile these names, but wow, as long as they remember, I'm Minnesota nice survivor. Nice that. And I'm looking for knowing though that have you know when when people meet you and then they hear your name is Sunday your whole life, you know, hearing like, oh, like like the day. People make jokes. Jokes because I know that it's annoying that anytime like somebody like somebody says, like from that, if I meet a stranger in somebody says like, oh, did you know he was on survivor? And they say, oh, well, did you survive that drives me crazy. And I hear that like once a year and it's annoying so is does that get on your nerves Sunday?.

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