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What a sudden ending beautiful firsthand dance that yes you guys were dancing the entire time to take that was hard bumps slow dancing guys were bombing what is the name of the dance wha what do you call it okay you call a marshy sex mashing ca i call it aggressive grind right yeah i against the wall outgrow grind whatever you call it was beautiful i really ground myself into and my hip hurts now that was endor with paul's lugs i believe about fifteen miles in the middle of that thank you enter for that it's not a catchphrase emission it's a plug seem to have a plug seem head on over to air wolf dot com and comedy bang bang message boards put it in the appropriate threads all right what are we plugging here i guess i'll go to look princess mary the newly the crown princess thank you nigeria do you have anything to plug you first of all i would like to close up my attorney at law practice now that i'm a princess in nigeria okay so you're just you're in you're all in the center of the table bay here we go i have a favorite show coming out don't today actually i don't think there are any shows of note coming out today what could possibly be carter of your enthusiasm monday night football all this monday night football it's carter season two on WGN america everybody has that even in nigeria i'm sure we can get it all right so carter season two tonight timeline timeline determinate russell karate well i love to plug my restaurant hamburg spider maybe we can get a comeback comeback bruin and closed up but you know you never know how are you going to kill the spider do you think well i'm going to have the robotic spider that you're typing hyping in what you wanted to say yeah but with a joystick command with joystick you gotta use the joystick to pick out the letters pick out the letters of there is more to pick out what you're going to say what are you gonna hide in yeah you go up like ten times to get whatever you see so how was the body controlled and the body is controlled just you know you wind up and it goes a draft so it's just on its own yeah hopefully it finds it and at the salsa spider and wears down it's confidence and then i go in with the six shooter and i blowed behead bright off a six you yeah yeah i'm old fashioned like that even though i'm a kid by you're an old soul i like it because i like so much all right well anything else applaud yeah but listening on my commute to to my commute to the restaurant to the restaurant my commute is about three hours to do want to open this place it sounds like it just burn it in there have you been to gary mills it's it's gorgeous another he's afraid of spiders it takes me three hours to get to gary meals sales and along the way live because the gary mills right outside los angeles right yeah yeah where do you live in central coast or central coast it's beautiful open your restaurant there as farm country man all right dr country the country's when you drive down smell the fertilizer i listened to the action boys podcast i subscribe to that you subscribe grabbed a patriot podcast i how much is this patriot per month it's either five or eight dollars okay and if you're a cheap asshole you do the five one if you're doing well like mu do the eight dollars to i know yeah you get a cheap ass just sit like monetarily if you cheap asshole you don't pay it all thank you grandma grandma what do you have to plugged well i wanna put view into an outlet and electrocute you can't do that wow so lama so consider this to be your last plug before you expire what do you want to plug before you leave and chef off this mortal coil i guess i heard lisa gora is a good show called delivery that used to be franklin she's the best like you would know anything about that roger scott here and your chamber and pretend to be radio doctor you're a disappointing boy i love you but you make me cry i'll plug that for now that's about it for now you're going to die alone i'll be back to take over this sherard you've got running scott okay i i hope you're nine name exult me so getting rid of you okay look i don't have anything to plug we're going to close up the plug bag but a good news for plug bag listeners we are some remixes of come in highly news the good news inci marriage yes why don't we here we have two remixes have come in i want to listen to him both why don't we hear first of all the remix from who the person who's done a lot of these remixes for us let's listen to michael cardigan remix let's close up the plug bag you saw with a c. when you're close within and then you horatio did and he just says no the band it back yeah uh wow.

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