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Margaret Atwood, Graeme Gibson, Partner discussed on Mayday: The Handmaid's Tale Podcast


Everybody's Justin probably expecting a new episode of the podcast but unfortunately we are going to abstain from putting anything out this week in lieu awesome sad news that we have just received writer and conservationist Graeme Gibson who is the partner of Margaret Atwood has passed away at the age of eighty five he had been and suffering from dementia and Margaret would have been writing the book and taking care of him and he travels with her and they were in England doing the book tour for the Testaments and she recently cancelled a few dates over there citing family illness and now we know that this was the reason this information that I'm passing along to US coming from the CBC and Canada so you can find this information at CBC dot. Ca Most of it was Margaret Atwood's longtime partner and said in a statement Wednesday issued by Random House Canada. We are devastated by the loss of Graham. Our beloved father and grandfather and spouse were happy that he he achieved the kind of swift exit he wanted and avoided the decline into further dementia that he feared he had a lovely last few weeks and he went out on a high surrounded by love friendship and appreciation appreciation. We are grateful for his wise ethical and committed life. He died Wednesday in London England where he was accompanying at would on her global release of her book recently there it was a Time magazine article that confirmed his dementia diagnosis just a little info on Gibson for those of you that don't know much about him. his born in London Ontario in August of nineteen thirty four he also was an author he pins some Novels Five Legs Communion Perpetual Motion in Gentlemen Death as has Wilson Nonfiction pieces including eleven Canadian novelist for which he interviewed speech partner Margaret Atwood also pinned a nonfiction works the bedside book birds and the Bedside Book of Beasts. There's a quote here we are deeply saddened by the death of such a beloved distinguished author. Graham was a friend to several generations Canadian writers. There's that from Penguin Random House Canadian. CEO Kristen Cochran she held Gibson as a true gentleman gracious elegant and witty manner touched all who knew him again hidden you can visit CBC dot ca kind of curbing off of their article here most most of this information is coming so if you WANNA get the the latest news on Graeme Gibson and get some more formation. You can find it there. CBC Dot C. UP in Canada. he was is also the longtime he was also a founder and member of the Writers Union of Canada. The writer stressed of Canada and the past president of Pen Canada his advocate for conservation nation efforts into devoted burger who helped found the Palay island bird observatory he was invested as a member of the order of candidate in nineteen ninety-two and along with that what he survived arrive by their daughter Eleanor Jess Sons Matin gray from his previous marriage to publish your Shirley Gibson and grandchildren so our thoughts Embraer's and positive the odds are going out to Margaret Atwood and family and just wanted to pass that news along so no new episode this week as we just pay respects expects to Margaret Atwood and her family and the passing of her partner Graeme Gibson. We will see you next week..

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