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The show's coming week after week. More than ninety percent of the credit. I'd say but i can't tell you how much it means to both of us to all of us here at the savage webcast that people appreciate our efforts to keep the show's coming week after week. All right thanks to everybody who posted about the show to your social media this week. We really appreciate it. Helps spread the word about the savage club cast. And if you want me to read your tweet a next week. Savage love cast be sure to use the hashtag savage gassed. And now your response calls. This is in response to the caller that was talking about threesome with boyfriend potential experience because of the caller being by scams plans for all keeper right on but as also a by actual who has what i like to call dual ogoni kind of relationship going on like i have a boyfriend and then i also have a girlfriend and the thing is we kind of like my boyfriend doesn't have anything to do with my girlfriend. He's kind of the freedom to have that during and after sharing got i'm just saying because it seems to me that the fact that your boyfriend seems so controlling in regards to your grants with another woman is a little bit of the orange to red flag to me that if i were you i would really take notice and try to see if other sort of controlling orange to red flag show up because i actually had another boyfriend about three years ago. Who founded very much like how your boyfriend is. And then really badly. He became very hard and scary. And i know dan. You're the only one that can really know your boyfriend. But i was just like start. Taking note of those flags you know that he may be waived that say that he wants to be really controlling of your dynamic with another woman because we we don't need to stand for it and you can absolutely find an amazing men out there that gives you the freedom to have a what you hi. This is a message. A caller on episode seven sixty eight whose wife hemlock interesting him just want to tell you that my heart goes out to and as such a sadden we situation when your partner does not return your affection whether physical or or emotional. I recently Went through something very similar with my partner. He was no longer interested in me. And i kind of hounded and begged and tried every angle and every direction for about a year. Before i gave up and when i gave up i told to my gave up. He knew i gave up. It wasn't even a question of will. It was just over and when i started truly looking out for myself often focusing on myself and not how to get my partner to want me. When i truly embraced myself unwanted myself and actually started seeking outside connections with people that were emotionally intimate where i intended to take it all the way. My partner snapped back. Somehow i don't wanna say you should play games with your partner. You should do things to make me jealous. But we're in an open relationship. I'm not super interested in always sleeping with other people and he's not at all but when i started actually using the openness of relationship somehow i became a hot commodity again to him. So maybe once you truly focus on yourself and just say you know what to hell with it. Let her do her totally focused on myself and fall in love with someone else physically and emotionally and she sees that she sees that you are commodity. Maybe she'll come around. I'm calling in to episode seven sixty eight the question about the phrase you go girl. I feel like you missed something. Huge an obvious here. The terms boy and girl to refer to children people under the age of eighteen. So maybe that person was saying. I'm not a girl because she's a woman or someone who needs a term that's more appropriate to their age and we're gonna leave it. There had a question for me or a.

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