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The cloud hoover the alexander ortega fight. So let just let them just figure out in focus on each other and then after all is said and done. The rain continues though. I can't wait a you obviously know both guys well. Do you have a sense as to who will win that fight. Next month i mean stalemates men stomach. You know how much time you see our take apu something out and then i then alex is alex. You know so. We'll see what happens you know i. I got no favorites disguise in my division so tough i really don't carry in a highlight all i care about. Is thankful staying ready. Whatever happens happens. And i'll be ready. Is there a part of you. That is hope it's probably going to be a lot easier to make the fight for tailwinds go wins right because you have a win over him. I mean he'll probably want the rematch as opposed to ski. Who has the two wins over. You are you hoping that or take a win. So that there's no drama in making this title fight for you. I mean i mean jonah sales right. So i mean i don't really care whoever. We not rooting for none of them. More than the other guy is just another fight to me and i. It's a fight that i probably won't even watch like you guys know and Just wait for the call. I'm ucla we get next and move on. That's crazy like i can understand you not watching. Derek lewis curtis blades but fight in your division your title. You could fight the winner like go out of your way to watch that. It's it's on at like six o'clock in hawaii. You gotta like prime time over there. I mean i probably be be inver dance. Running some people on facebook gaming Maximum official come to guys are all you guys you guys check and let me know what's happening in the flight. I i don't care too much i guess. What does that saying. What does that saying. There's that famous picture of Michael phillips Swimming you know and it there's a meet a mean is like the guys look at michael phelps on microsoft's his first place owners focused on winning in As long to do focus on me on focused on myself what. I can control whatever happens happens. Then we'll do the thing does it. Dang in I'll probably walk out by the after. Watch later 'cause. I brought getting ready for one of those guys. So we'll see what happens. I was told that there was a no. Emma may talk rule in the chat. The facebook game chat like you can't you can't talk about That's what i was told. Yeah i mean era you came through some of the facebook couple burners probably got banned really the big family. No i'm not gonna talk to them in all but people let me know talk here in here in what the stuff but waylon somebody people get annoying like you know. We got a guy named In there that we call them. Kevin and kevin jobs the hammer all the time and he's the hammer guy so is super flying in a perfect world. When would you like to return to action on in a perfect world. I would wanna fight a three times this year. We've got one out the way. I would like to go summertime and then i'll like to do what i usually do it at in december and i mean that's a perfect world. I want to more fights this year. Hopefully some big ones. And if it's dhabi bud man. I miss vegas please please please back in vegas back vegas and hopefully you bigger. We see all these vaccines out. We numbers are across. The nation dropping. Low end you hear people saying that april might be full open for a lot of states and stuff so hopefully i get one back in vegas in front of crowds man. Because the crowd we had a very limited crowd that night in dobbin info. Great in also coming back home Being back in vegas the ninth island having some crowds What happened last time. I went there with the crowds and how hawaiian pros. La's their this. Is this great man. I i. i'm excited. I can't wait over. We can move on from the pandemic very soon and we can see fans back in audience. I'll leave you with this. Who is the best boxer in the afc. I mean if we're talking about best boxer in all on the best boxing. Uc see busy. I guess teddy best. You know a lotta people. Keep saying to power. This and that but boston is not about power in mean like this is teddy. Saying like boxing is about. Boxing is about angles. I q and setups in and there's so much more things in a lot of people keep saying you can't beat a box you have no power. I'm like i never not a best box in. The world is a guy who's a power puncher ali. Floyd is considering the best box in the world right. He ain't he knockouts but he's not a power puncher is all about says about. It's all hitting angles about this and that it's about iq so i maybe biased. But i don't care. I'm gonna hold it shows otherwise. I would have been disappointed if you did say yourself. That's that's the way you should feel about yourself. And could i just ask last question. I lied will you entertain anything other than a title shot at the next like. Is there anything. Even that is of remote interest compared to that. I mean we see what happens in all said happens. You know i. I'm just as the floor man. In our ida. I not matchmaker matchmaker agent. My agent always calls me up in thousand a tricky mail. We got a contract in there. And that's how google as how we do it. You know. I like i said a lot of people was kinda crazy. Took the files like why is tripping all like is a fight is a fight while you gotta do and you gotta you gotta continue on. You gotta move on gotta fight you know. I mean i get a hard work. You were there. You is there for for the for the winning streak. Where i had to win. Nine enrolled to get tend to get a fluke by by accident in all in toronto. I love toronto. Interim title shot. You know thanks to the dc season during back haul in all thank the lord for that and then and then all the new belts end. The rule stuff came in so i get a hard work man. So we'll see what happens when you have a wedding day yet. We do not have a wedding date. Don't worry air you feel bad. I i feel bad. Because i didn't get the save the date yet. No let's say don't worry you're gonna save a date era. I'm telling you we were waiting to every so we sat down with my beautiful. My beautiful fiancee alaska. I sat down with her. I was thinking like let's have a small thing in this and that so we came up with a list of people we've been each side end. Her list is two hundred and minus listening to hijack. Yeah i don't think they're having some the small honey saw we've got to kovic passes buys we're it's got Waiting to everything opened up again. And then you'll get your saving date. Thank you yeah. I'm expecting like a royal wedding. This is to of hawaii's finest coming together. This is this.

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