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I'm not okay with this blueprint. And and the blueprint that's being created these these organizations that are putting out statements that are like what a what a learning moment. What a great teachable moment for Canadians Medians? We truly hope we acknowledge that Justin Trudeau has apologized and now we hope that the Liberal Party will will work work to do more as we all should but elect them. I that is that is the tenor sort of most of these statements. That are coming out. which is unfair fucking believable to me? It's unbelievable perhaps. They're just wondering what they should be he doing. I don't know but y'all like if this is like I'm you there. He should not be allowed to retain leadership. I'm sorry he shouldn't like the whole top of the Liberal Party should be falling down right now. Like I don't understand why people are allowing this to go through and the way to do that. The Way to force a change on this matter if you're truly as an organization interested in making that happen it's not to put out a statement that says literally nothing like just don't waste your calms people's Times like put out a statement that says something like we will not meet with the leadership of the Liberal Party on some issues until you show us that you're changing and one of those things is to commit to this that the other like make make them commit to certain policy changes inches and tell them that he's gotta go like be forceful on this stuff like like you folks are powerful as organizations Whether it's like policy organizations or labor organizations or what have you like you folks are powerful like you are what props up the Liberal Party like people point to you to say see. They're not that upset with us. They just want us to get a little bit better and as a result we they are still good like you are important so say something of import like use your power to shift. What's happening in the Liberal Party? Otherwise what good are you combine. This precedent sucks. Yeah especially because from like even purely strategic political perspective like now is when they need to pivot to something good like now is is literally your best chance to get a promise that is of fundamental promise or that could that. It'd be transformational or something like that. You know they already pivoted to gun control and even the gun control. Promise is not what Canada needs. It doesn't go far enough. No no Oh that's a whole other thing that we maybe should talk about later but like it was just so I was like gun control really. That's that's what they're gonNA put it to and and there's not a strong enough organization out there to say why that doesn't make sense well and you know what I want to say like police SUV. Zhang has been doing that work They'd do it in English and French. That's the group of survivors from Echo Polytechnic of the shooting. The in at in December six on December sixth nineteen thousand nine. But it's not enough and and the in the the connections that have to be made in this country between These like quote unquote tough on crime and gun control and all this stuff and then the actual reality that's existing within our cities which is what poverty boredom Lots of social problems that are being fueled by an out of control market. That is pushing people out of their homes and pushing people to extremes. I mean there is nothing as we speak on the show. There is nothing about the cost of living in this budget in this budget. Oh my God in this election. There's nothing for renters. There's nothing about how fucking hard has become to live in a lot of these cities and and gun control is connected to that. Crime is connected to that and all we've got his bill fucking Blair who it would be impossible to expect Bill Blair to come up with the policy that doesn't and sock and so if you're an organization right now right those fucking policies and give it to them and say we expect we expect you to adopt these things. We expect you to change your policies on this this kind of stuff because too often civil society is just kind of looked at politics. And it's like well. This is their game. They have their own strategy. They already have their platform figured out. But it's like no no now is the time that you actually can influence fluence that and and if you also can call for the for the resignation of the leader over something that has been so internationally focused on and and proof if that he's really not a great prime minister. Yeah where you gotTa do it do it. Gosh like could you imagine working in the organization where you have to meet with him in the fall as like if I if I was like I got elected and then I had to like sit in a meeting with him in December December. I'd be like Oh it's you the black face one like I. It's just so I don't want no have you have you before I don't think so. No I don't think so so I got dragged into meeting with him When we were in the student movement and I remember the meeting very very well because we were making arguments but how expensive higher education is and all this kind of stuff and he looked at Straight straight in the face and he's like I had to work to pay off my a higher education. You can do it too. I know it's hard but you just have to work really hard. He said he he said excuse. Who what it would you talk? Yeah Yeah and I remember. I was like I was like look. Here's the difference. Did you say we are. Yeah I was like your father was a Prime Minister Canada. My my father. Great Man Librarian I he's library. Are you like it was it was so clear he was completely Lee out to lunch. On what average people want so like even the obsession with his In his appearance in his in his brand and all this kind of stuff it is hurting the party. Clearly so maybe that's our free advice is Hey where the organizations can't call for it we can say Liberal Party put someone else in there one hundred percent like we all know why he was put there in the first place was falling apart. I mean they probably knew at the time that they made this decision. They're like guys guys we've got but nothing parties falling apart the end. EP is the official opposition. People are saying this is our death. Now what what do we have in our bag of tricks. What's left the name Trudeau? God Damn it. But he's not smart and he's got all this stuff in his past like is let's do. Some political calculus will really matter in the end in this country. We call Canada Canada or will people just look to the Chew Mania and the Prince of this country or whatever and be like this is the man and can we get some people to style him as Canada Bay and they did a political calculus. That was like Yeah we could eat that we eat that shit that he's not smart and we can eat shit that he's done all of this terrible stuff in the best and we'll we'll try to bank on that judo name and it worked okay. You don't need that anymore. It's not working anymore. Just you know pick somebody else. Yeah I do WANNA mention one other thing. And this goes back to my my anger with the media so's listening to CBC radios. The House yesterday morning thing and I don't know do you listen to that show. No I do. Not It is aggravating and I do not recommend anybody listen to it. It is nothing but talking heads talking points from from From politicians who never get challenged but I I tuned in and there was a conversation between Chris Hall the host and Sri Credit Card from from the Toronto Star and Erika Eiffel from another podcast at cool batum bitchy and they're talking about Whether or not meet is to white and it's a great it's a great segment. You should definitely look it up and so they go through this. Yeah so they go through this thing. I mean hall is out of his League and he can't ask the right questions but but Sri like really brings the conversation back to historical roots in that context that we were talking about earlier and it was great and so this segment ends. And I'm like making my coffee and I'm like again ready for the day. Whatever it Saturday morning guess what they follow the segment up with? Oh Fuck I don't know what what would be the what would be the the worst first thing to follow that segment up with or who panel of White Dude. I don't know how `bout one white dude who's running for a AH racist Federal Party. Oh shut maxine really. Are you know it was stunning. It was I was stunned. I I don't expect much from the House but this was unbelievable. And so so Chris Hall Interviews Maksim like asking what he thinks a really tough questions except they're not tough questions because like maxine proud to be racist. Racy can't ask a racist well. Aren't you a bit ashamed to be racist. And it's like well no on the fucking racist. Why would I be ashamed? You're like WHOA. That was good response. Okay next question. So he he Max Bernie was let. I think I might make a complaint to the on this because this is really this was really agrees. He claimed on the questions about immigration. And why do you want to reduce immigration. Bernie's like we can't we can't let in a anymore immigrants there's just not enough Space or some bullshit In Canada. And if you in the halls like well what's your proof that and he says well if you look at Toronto and In Vancouver where they all go. There's a housing crisis and the housing crisis is because there's this influx of immigrants and rather other than saying Whoa. WHOA WHOA that's completely fucking falls? That's a total lie. What you just said was lies? You're lying on the public broadcaster. Chris Okay I want to ask you. You know you. You came into this race. Talking about surf fiscal conservatism and balancing the books. Why don't you focus on that? Isn't that a better message than than focusing on immigration through Tequila so he just allowing am to campaign on the air. That's great that's good great. That's all it was and at the end Chris Halls like wow well this was. We're in for lively debate. And then Bernie as thanks so much Chris for for the practice and it was like two white guys who have absolutely no Fear about what the rhetoric that comes from Bernier is going to do to them so everybody at the fucking house at CBC Fuck You. I hope you're fucking show gets cancelled. I'M GONNA laugh when it gets fucking cancelled because you're fucking fucking it up and I hope that that you guys apologize for that because it was reckless. It was really reckless journalism and especially to gone right from an actually thoughtful interesting conversation. Only because of the guests that you had on the air by the way not because of of the talent of Chris Hall to go from that into into interview with Maxim Bernie was so classic. CBC that I was like Oh my God are you kidding me. So that's my little rant dear media get it together get like change your newsrooms. It is not difficult like these people are smart these. He's black and Brown folks. These indigenous folks. They are smart. They will make the news better and you won't have to keep being embarrassed by a reckless shitty content content sir. Yeah it took.

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