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The guest tonight at ten Pulitzer prize winning historian John mecum he talks about, his new book the, soul of America what which looks at how past presidents and influential activists have guided the nation out of strife Welcome to the why factor on. The BBC World Service I'm Paul batch of being, gone and I'll. Be asking why we feel heartbreak some say they felt. It in their bodies my heart felt. Like someone is physically holding. It squeezing it and just wouldn't got that pain feeding of. Someone squeezing lychee making my physical, buddies tired and others. Tell me a lot is going on in the brain that's all coming up after the news BBC news with Neil newness President Trump has. Warned Syria's leader Bashar relax at against launching an attack on the ramble stronghold of saying that hundreds of thousands of people might. Die Mr. Trump said Russia and Iran would be making what he called a grave humanitarian mistake if they aided such an assault the Afghan. Taliban have announced the death of gelato dean her Connie a key figure in the jihad is. Tie Carney network who had close, ties to both the Taliban and al-qaeda he helped Osama bin Laden. Established Jihadist training camps in the nineteen ninety s the US blames Connie fighters for many terror attacks the highest court in. The Democratic Republic of Congo has bought the opposition leader Jean Pierre Bemba from running in the. Presidential election in December he was deemed in eligible, because of a. Conviction at the international criminal court for bribing witnesses Japan's. Weather agency says the strongest I food Hit the country in twenty five years has, made landfall with winds about two hundred and sixteen kilometers an. Hour the, agency has warned of high waves flooding and mudslides caused by typhoon. Jabbie Argentine. Government workers have protested against major, new measures announced by president Modise your mockery they include, swingeing cuts, to government departments and are intended to stave off a financial crisis officials at Brazil's national museum in random Janeiro. Say close to ninety percent of it's collection was destroyed in a devastating fire on Sunday staff had complained for years of deep. Funding cuts which had left the building dilapidated the sports giant Nike has said its latest advertising campaign will feature Colin cabinet the American football. Quarterback who led a protest against police brutality towards African Americans he notes during the playing of. The US national anthem before matches, BBC news Hi I'm may I enjoy long walks on. The beach I, mean I like. To, watch the. Sunrise and the sunset but I wouldn't Just like walking the beach it's too. Hot sometimes, and the sand is just just gets.

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