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AM, seven Tucson's. Most stimulating talk three things. I think you need to know the illegal alien that we talked about a couple of days ago that was released by Middlesex County, New Jersey back in December because they are sanctuary county. They wanna work with ice just picked up in Missouri for murdering three people turns out, he was a two time Decca recipients, we'll get into that. And that just nice second thing that I think you need to know the caravan at Joe Scarborough and his face in his billboard is. And I really think I'm offending Dilbert. When that happens, and I don't want to because like Scott Adams. Anyway, Joe Scarborough says this caravan is a conspiracy theory, and it cost Trump the election. Well, this caravan already arrived in Tijuana, and it's near San Diego. And as a matter of fact, they were sitting on top of the the Bollard fence, they add there. These these migrants sitting on top until Borba came by they jumped back into the Mexican side. But you're right nothing to see here. It's all good. Third thing that I think you need to know in Palm Beach county, every ballot-counting machine broke down. So all started seventy nine thousand early votes need to be recounted what a mess Palm Beach county Broward County Broward. I don't think he's even begun counting early votes. What a disaster what a disaster. There you go three things, I think you need to know. So some we haven't been all of these crazy schools. There's been overrun by politics. And there's always politics. It is what it is. Don't and we have plenty of stories. Don't get me wrong. I'm gonna get to all these things. But there's a lot of stuff to talk about today. And some of these things I was like, you gotta be kidding me. What what is what is the deal right here? A professor at a university actually did the right thing and for doing the right thing. Was reprimanded by his university. So now he's suing them because that's what we do. Right. That's that's what we do. A guy named nNcholas Meriwether teaches philosophy and religion at shawnee state university in Portsmouth, Ohio. He refused to call a male students that identifies as a chick, sir. Actually was chastised by calling him, Sarah. So as a male student that identifies as a female. And the obviously a male and the Ohio professor was calling the students, sir. He's now suing officials stating is evangelical Christian beliefs dictated, his actions. And then at the university is violating his constitutional rights. In January twenty eighteen a male student demanded that Dr Meriwether address him as a woman because he identified as such and threatened to have Dr Mary Mary weather fired if he declined. Oh, that's going to get you. Yeah. Right. You better. Call me, by the way. What kind of grade you think you're gonna get, you know, by the way, if this this professor legal, screw you. I'm giving you an effort D or whatever then it'd be a big problem. But if you're a conservative, and you speak up, a disagree, and you get a deer, and nobody university and university doesn't ever do anything about it. Right. So anyway. This. This is this is crazy this professor this doctor was going to do this. It would go against his religious beliefs. Even forget religion. How about common frigging sense, right? So. He didn't want to do that. He has sincerely held Christian beliefs. And you wanna do that? The lawsuit also notes that Meriwether addresses students as sir or mister show respect imagine that well, you didn't respect me. I'm obviously a man, but I feel like a chicken side called me what I want to be gotten. I forget you. Apparently, they reported after that after they they met her class the professor and the student. The students circled Meriwether threateningly compared the professor's refusal to use the students preferred pronoun just someone calling him a seaward horrible word that people call women sometimes. So this is this do that says he's a chick. Was circling around circling around in a very threatening manner. And said if you don't do this. It's the same as someone calling me a seaward student complained twice to university. There was a title nine investigation. Yeah. Heavy dot com reported that the doctor Dr Meriwether said he would address the student using the students last name. Well, shawnee state university started this investigation deciding Meriwether violated the school's anti-discrimination policy by refusing to call the student by the students preferred pronoun, so they wrote them up, right? They wrote him up. So he's like forget this. The lawsuit says university punish this professor for expressing views that differ from its own orthodoxy for declining to express its mandated ideological message, all this stuff, the grammar police you name it. This dude's been there since nineteen Ninety-six said he wasn't discriminating against a student. He added that he treated the student like other biologically male students. He said, I'm a Christian. So you are you're violating my religious rights. And up at Scottsdale, the alliance defending freedom. They filed the lawsuit on behalf of him. They do the dude literally got reprimanded for this reprimanded for this. Are you kidding? Me uses, sir. The guy call students, sir or ma'am. Mister or miss. As a sign of respect. And for that, you get this one wackadoo students. Who says no woman, call me? Call me by my chosen pronoun. It's like a bread kid. You know, I wanna eat cookies for dinner. That's what I want. Go ahead fatty. Yeah. Why can't I have broccoli? I want this. This is I mean, you sit back, and you go, you gotta be kidding me. So this university is now being sued. For threatening. The professor that refused to call a male student miss. Right. That's it. He said that again, he's called Mr. missed, sir, ma'am to students to foster an atmosphere of seriousness and mutual respect that is befitting the college classroom. You know, this reminds me of this reminds me of what what this Jim Acosta situation, you have Jim Acosta who acts like a complete moron. Out of control, no respect nothing. Like that. Right. Nothing. Like that at all. And no respect zero zilch. And. Kosta gay because he doesn't act with the right decorum. Respect gets his press pass bowl, which that's what happens. And now he is suing the White House CNN suing the White House suing Trump as if the world's going to end Jim Acosta kinky about a frigging report. Like if you can't get up there and be a jerk hole, and as the president stupid things and make it all about him. It's the same thing is a deformed his respect. Apparently. It's you don't abide by that by later. That's what happens. Stood. The professor said, listen, I'll just call you by your last name Bruening. Nope. Not good enough. Call me miss Bruening miss burning. This. Yes, this is this is what's going on. This is what it's about this. This is what's really gonna make college better? Right. By the way, not the only place Fordham university. They're doing something similar their political science department at Fordham announced that it had voted unanimously to adopt the new policy regarding students preferred names and gender pronouns. Now the mandate professors to use a student's preferred name and pronoun. Yep. You I got into this conversation when I was with. My wife's friends college friends. We saw them over the weekend and one of the guy's radio show. But it's like they still are afraid of let's say whatever they want to each other. It's still afraid to be non PC in a way. Because all of a sudden the whole transgender or something he's like, you the, you know, what a lot of these people are middle upper thirties thirties mind, getting old. I'm I'm I'm older than some of them. So what were they said is that the people relying on religion? They don't like that some people are religious, and they look up to it. But I don't care if two dudes wanna get together a two chicks. And that's the way I'm like, whatever. That's what makes you. I don't care. I don't care some very religious people. Don't like that some very religious people don't care. So I said, I don't care. It's fine. You believe whatever you want. I mean, you know, I don't give a crap what people want I said. But what I don't like is when a transgender person demands that the there'd be able to use a different persons bathroom. I don't I don't want a do the claims to be a chick. Using that as an excuse to go to the bathroom with my wife. Make sure uncomfortable. Why wouldn't it most women would feel uncomfortable? I don't care. No, no, not. And I said I don't like that the fact that they demanded businesses build certain bathrooms to accommodate them. It's their business. Give me a break. He said, no, no. I I see that. And I agree. But you know, some people really feel that way and I'm like. You know, they find you could accept it any way you want. I said, but at the end of the day, if they have Franken beans there a man chromosomes don't lie. That's the way it is. And I said I look at it. As again, I'm not a doctor. But I know a lot of doctors out of their mind to. Some women look at themselves in the mirror and see nothing. But a a person that is overweight, and they wanna lose weight there anorexia bulimia, and it's it's it's to me. It's it's a disorder. It's a psychological disorder. Right. And I think what people will, you know, look at a mirror, and he see a guy, but they see a woman. I think it's the same thing. That's just my take. What do I know? But it's just no it's not it's not normal. It's not right. That's what you wanna do in your own time fine. But don't sit there, and you know, the rules have to change just because of you. That's that's what bothers me. We'll continue six fifty one much more to get to including the stories about the LGBT people in the caravan being discriminated against. We'll get to that as well to go anywhere can STI AM seven hundred Tucson's. Most stimulating talk morning ritual with Garrett. Lewis five-star.

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