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Morning news. I'm JT John Decker joints down correspondent at the White House. Cover a couple of topics here, John. Welcome in. Thanks for being with me. Watch it. He could to be with you today. Well, let's first talk about where we are in the impeachment process. The articles have been sent over to the Senate. Now I guess they're being sworn in and then the proceedings will probably start with a couple of weeks. I think, right Likely on February the ninth, which is a Tuesday over the course of the next two weeks. Both sides involved in this impeachment process the House impeachment managers. The defense for President. Trump will present their briefs on and then we'll get started with the trial, which I think J T will last about a week's time. The first impeachment trial of President Trump, which took place last year around this time, last 21 days. This will be significantly shorter. I understand that they need 17 Republican senators to flip to convict here, so it's not likely we'll see a conviction. I think you're still of that mindset as well. But there are some Republicans that I anticipate making the move to join the Democrats. What do you think? Well, if I had to put a number on it right now, and you, said John, what's the number going to be? I'd say seven Republican senators, among them two Republican senators, actually three Republican senators. Who are not running for re election. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and yesterday another Republican senator, also announced that he's not running for re election. That's Rob Portman of Ohio. And that means they don't have to worry about the political consequences of voting to convict President Trump. They don't have to worry about being primary Esso. I would include them, along with some moderate Republican senators, Susan Collins Just one a full six year term in the U. S. Senate. Mitt Romney, who voted to impeach President Trump last year on one of those articles of impeachment, and Lisa Murkowski, who, of course not a big fan of the president, and I would not be surprised if she also votes to convict the president on this one article of impeachment. All right. Switching gears real quick. John your thoughts on the President Biden now as we're trying to get this crew, no virus stimulus package going through, and it's a big one. Over a trillion dollars here on it looks like he's wanting to send $4 billion to Central America and all of this But what happened to America first year? Well, I don't know the answer to that You'd have to ask Or maybe all Alaska, the White House press team that represents President Biden at the White House. You know, this is obviously something that President Biden wants to do is to improve relations with our neighbors to the South. But, you know, is there enough money to also Spread it out to make certain that every American that once the vaccine gets the vaccine. I think they're likely is you mentioned the covert relief package $1.9 trillion It is likely not going to be that large if indeed, a bill ultimately gets to President Biden desk and the reason being is because some moderate Republican senators have said it's just too large, especially after another cove. It really Phil was passed by Congress, as you know, at the end of December. Here's another thought for the press secretary there in the White House and dying President Biden's people a Z and, you know, really You know, initiates the travel ban. Does that apply to all 23 of these different countries and our people traveling in and out? T lock it down and stop it from happening, But Still allowing the folks to come across from Guatemala and Mexico across our southern border. Is that the exception we're gonna allow those folks to come in. I know what that loaded question what you're getting at. Look, obviously, there's ah New administration That's in place right now. I mean, we know that this administration will have a different view towards immigration and the Trump Administration. The travel ban that's in place right now that was announced yesterday. Eyes one that effects all individuals coming into the US except for U. S citizens. So if you are U s citizen coming in from Europe, for instance, you can still get back to the U. S. But it obviously makes doing business on obviously doing just personal travel impossible right now in in all of Europe in and also in South America. Yeah, Restrict us restrict Europeans, But today you're coming across their southern border. Come on, we'll get it. All right. Thank you, John. I appreciate you a 20 Eights. Alabama's morning news, traffic and weather together. Bottom of the hour news, three minutes. Stay with us. Transform and heal through the power of art at Prince George's Community.

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