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Time to kind of really embrace the fact that I don't have to constantly walk around looking over my shoulder the key was fired two years ago after the D. O. J.'s internal watchdog issued a report saying he misled investigators trying to determine whether he had improperly shared information with a reporter Loyola law professor Laurie Levenson on if Attorney General William Barr acting more independently for president trump has to do with the Senate impeachment trial I don't think it's related to the impeachment trial I think it's probably more related to the Attorney General having to show up and testify next month before Congress that got him to realize that they're going to be scrutinizing all of these decisions and all of the interference by the White House CBS news update on mac Piper the following is a paid commercial message this is bishop Michael Burbidge of the Catholic diocese of Arlington in nineteen ninety two Saint John Paul the second designated February the eleventh as the world day of the sick time to pray for those suffering from illnesses as well as for caregivers who work so hard to alleviate the afflictions and elements that others are experiencing in faith may we entrust by name all those we know who are suffering and infirm to our lord's human love he is the divine physician who promises to be with us always especially in our time of need the world they the sick is also an opportunity to express thanks to doctors nurses physician assistants and all health care workers for your dedicated and generous service please know that you are special gift to all of us Hey Bob dot com of your police from the world of one.

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