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That year he was baptized and became an involved member of the Church of the Latter Day saints attending congregation meetings and Church functions but no matter what identity Ted put on. He was still a wolf in sheep's clothing and Salt Lake City had plenty of rams once again. Ted Found himself surrounded by young beautiful college students and once again his violent urges became too overwhelming to contain. In the fall of nineteen seventy four. He began his second murder spree. Sources vary on some of the details and circumstances of each of Ted's kills but according to author and rules book. The Stranger beside me next victims were claimed in the following order electoral. Second Ted broke his abstinence and murdered. Sixteen year. Old Nancy Wilcox. Her body was never found that same month on October. Eighteenth ted killed seventeen year old. Melissa Smith the daughter of a local police chief. She was last seen by her father at home before she left to meet a friend for dinner. Nine days later her body was found in the wilderness. A nylon stocking around her neck. She'd been beaten raped and strangled on Halloween less than two weeks later. Seventeen year old. Laura aim vanished. Her body was found in the wasatch mountains on Thanksgiving Day. But not all of Ted's attacks successful on November eighth nineteen seventy four. One victim escaped eighteen year old. Carol Durant was window shopping at a local mall when a man claiming to be a police officer approached her he told Carol he'd seen someone break into her car and asked her to come with him to the parking lot. She needed to verify if was missing from her vehicle. Carol was caught off guard by the seemingly normal looking man he was just wearing street clothes no uniform but she figured the officer was working undercover so she followed him outside once. Carol look through her car she grew suspicious. Nothing it seemed was missing but the officer insisted she keep looking then. He asked her to come with him back to the station defile report. Finally Carol had enough. She wasn't getting in the car with a stranger. She asked to see some kind of identification. The officer pulled out his wallet and showed her his badge embarrassed that she doubted him. She agreed to go to the station when they approach the officer's Car Carol Thought It was strange that he drove a vw bug but still tasting her earlier embarrassment. She didn't say a word. They drove off in silence away from the mall. After a moment the officer suddenly pulled the car over and parked care last him what he was doing but instead of answering. He grabbed her wrist and hand cuffed it. Carol panicked. She struggled as the man attempted to secure the secondhand cuff. But he pulled out a gun. He threatened I'll blow your head off but this only spurred caroline to action. She opened the car door and jumped out. The man followed in tackled her to the ground. Carol kept fighting. She thrashed scratched but he seemed unaffected. When Carol looked up at her attacker there was no range on his face. What she saw was far more terrifying. His eyes were blank deadened. Finally Carol broke free from his grasp and sprinted toward an approaching car. She opened the door and jumped in the back. Seat crying hysterical. She begged the driver to take her to the police station. Carol durant narrowly escaped an awful fate. But she had just fled with her life. She knew her abductors identity his face coming up. Ted Bundy continues his murderous rampage in Colorado and faces the first of many trials. We WanNa take a moment to say thank you to all of our listeners because of you serial killers just reached its third anniversary. Three years of serial killers isn't possible without your support so to commemorate this incredible anniversary and your loyalty. Serial killers will now be airing twice a week. That's right in addition to the regular Monday release of serial killers. You'll also get a brand new episode every Thursday so mark your calendar and get ready to hear US twice a week every Monday and Thursday and thanks again for supporting serial killers now back to the story in the summer of. Nineteen seventy four twenty seven year old Ted Bundy's brazen murders in the Pacific Northwest. Finally drew the attention of the Seattle PD. Ted sought out a fresh start in another state that fall. He left Washington to enroll in law school at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. But once again his dark urges followed him in less than three months he killed four more victims but one woman managed to escape. Ted had left his first living witness eighteen year old. Carol ranch in November of nineteen seventy four immediately after escaping. Carol went to the police to report her abductor. She had no name or concrete evidence. Just the handcuffs still attached to her wrist and the image of his face burned into her mind for months. Police kept their eyes open for the PERP but came up empty handed. After the day of Carroll's escape Ted tried to ignore his bloodlust and keep his head down but even still his darker impulses had gotten in the way of his education. He failed out of law school. For the Second Time Twenty eight-year-old Ted returned to Seattle in January of nineteen seventy five to visit Liz. After spending almost half a year apart she observed that Ted head seemingly changed for the better. His temperamental nature was long gone. The tender warm-hearted man. She loved had returned. Liz felt an enormous amount of guilt forever giving his name to the Seattle PD. But little did she know Ted had committed his own betrayal. He was still dating. Sharon. Our and Utah. Neither Liz nor Ted revealed their respective secrets. Instead they made plans to get married and decided to have their wedding the following winter then as quickly as he came. Ted was gone again. He told Liz he was returning to the University of Utah for his spring semester. But that was just one more lie designed to conceal his biggest secret of all instead. Ted left Washington to kill again by this point. Ted had been murdering for almost exactly one year in that time. He established a sort of pattern or cycle. He would kill in a frenzy for months consumed entirely by his blood lost then he would suddenly stop for a time as if the urge had simply passed that January when he returned to Washington and saw Liz. Ted was in this dormant period charming and collected. Who was kind of calm before the storm of his next murderous rampage? Dr Frederick Worrisome Defines these stages of criminal action as a catatonic crisis worth them. Breaks down the concept into a series of steps these include an emotional buildup that precipitates into the crime a calmness after the crime that allows the person to behave normally and finally a resolution a stage in which the individual self regulates adjusting so that the act won't be repeated however according to criminologist Donald J sears serial killers never reached this final stage of resolution. Instead they'll be caught in a perpetual cycle of build up and release as this pattern continues. Sears explains that each crime will only become more violent and more frequent than the last and for Ted. There was no doubt that he'd been consumed by this bloody feedback loop for a year. Ted At held onto a small semblance of normalcy. His dream of becoming a lawyer but by January of Nineteen seventy-five. It seemed as if Ted given that up to succumbing to his bloodlust when he left lives in Seattle he didn't.

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