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Lot of there's been a lot of conversation and yeah i don't know what they could afford to commit to curt for the long term i think he's that numbers that the numbers that he's gonna command and this is just gonna or your mind somewhere between one hundred twenty and one hundred forty million dollars is probably what you'll get if you've base what you see or what you're seeing excuse me if you've base what you see you know which sleet off of uh uh matthew suffered and derek car in you got two guys that basically uh the art one hundred twenty five million mark enzo kurtz get a get more but i you know it's uh i think he ultimately was going to decide he wanted to go someplace else i i really thought i thought he would stay i wanted them to stay but in the long run i think he's going to look at some options i think the denver broncos their number one of list i know john needs a quarterback wake him and i think it would be great fit for kirk judgment ebony as she has a quarterback did you drink 35 glasses of water a day because that is apparently the tom brady diet when it comes to water doesn't on and on get a thirty five glasses really divide drink 35 glasses of ordered with day i because this conversation that we're having would have lasted about fifteen seconds because beyond my way probably through the veterans yes you be doing it from the restroom sunday i just shot at no um i think this yesterday to somebody tom's really not forty we don't know where he hit movies birth certificate unconvinced walked away somewhere dabbling in his early thirties and these can be used every friday he's forty but what a phenomenal athlete what a terrific person may look around the league thomas sort of set the bar for a lot of guys i was with you i laugh by manning needs kennedy thirty seven troops going to be thirty i believe i while breeze xiv that philip rivers in his late 30s uh you look around the league and well look at the redskins alex is 33 in a sign him to a fiveyear deal a foreigner extension with the year that he had at okay came to thirty eight and it's sits just a new era in help when it comes to have products as well as.

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