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That has not been on the radar at all says it has not been particularly competitive, right? And it and and I think that speaks to that. But like look at their these three races in the midwest are competitive, Wisconsin, Iowa, and and Ohio and those are all states Trump won in two thousand sixteen and look, I I I don't think I think one important point to keep in mind here is that Elizabeth Warren has really come out. And I think she's playing to stump for cordray in the final few days. I think I saw pictures of them doing just that much better on the on our way over here. I'm she's she's aware. Like, I think the Trump team is aware that having a friendly governor who owes her in twenty twenty if she decides to run for president, which seems likely is a good thing to have Chris. And we know Trump will be in Cleveland coming up. I I would say if you look at the the map of governors races. And even some with some overlap of the Senate races. I kind of wonder if in the end the place that they will be they will most regret on the Trump side not visiting as Michigan. And I think part of it is just you have these competitive races part of it is the overlap for twenty twenty. I just don't see a huge downside in him, adding a stop there, and he hasn't so far. And folks have talked about him doing it. And and and it's funny. The downside. I see is ego. Right. Like he loves backing winners. He loves touting his record. It's already shaping up to be a tough election. Obviously most of the stuff he's doing is in the Senate where it's less tough for Republicans. But the trouble is going to Michigan is that John James and Bill shooter, you're probably going to lose and Trump was an early backer of Schutte, actually, the thing to remember there is that one of Trump's earliest gubernatorial endorsements was Bill Schutte, but I picked up some grumbling from Republicans about. That that the Trump administration and national Republicans didn't invest enough in John James or Bill Schutte, and they they both would have been more competitive if they had that national support Daniel Strauss, thanks for coming in the governor's races for us really curious to see what happens on Tuesday. It's finally here. We're going to see what happens so almost over. All right. Have a good time on the trail Daniel, and Chris thank you so much for coming into chat as well. Always. Thank you. All right as promised. We are going to turn things over briefly to one nerd cast superfan here at the end of the show this week, David Gibson of Florida's eighth congressional district. It's going to help us out with credits. This week your cast is produced by Michaela Rodriguez with help from Adrian Hearst. Dave Shaw is the executive producer. And they're illustrator is Bill cookman if you like nerd cast. And you're listening on apple

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