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To have you with us crews producing the show today and always do you know what it is. To be a sanctuary city Not. Totally that's an honest answer because I'm not exactly. Sure what, that means either and the reason is, because it means different things to different people and different communities there are also, consequences for being a sanctuary city for example if you are a true sanctuary city it, is possible that you might lose access to. All sorts of federal funds which is, why, the, Milwaukee county board passes a resolution. Saying that they're a sanctuary city but then win that puts funding at risk they quickly run in and they say oh no we don't care what we're saying we're really not a sanctuary city in its, most pure form. To be a sanctuary city means essentially that you will not cooperate with the federal government in trying to deport someone who is in the country Illegally that is in it's most purest form if you are in the country illegally don't, worry come. Here and we will give you sanctuary we will not cooperate with the. Immigration people we will direct our law enforcement personnel to say that if you are. Picked up on another crime we will not contact. You will, not contact the federal authorities you will, not honor federal detainers detainers is where somebody ends up in the local jail, or the county jail and the immigration people come in with a whole saying look at, the person bails out or the person is. To be released contact us the taint, him, we, will come then pick him or. Her up in a purest form that's what it means to be a sanctuary city essentially you will not cooperate with the federal government when it comes to trying to deport elite people in this country illegally I think around here The probably the only real community that comes close to being a so called sanctuary city is sure what People's Republic of Shorewood Shorewood says that we will comply with our legal duties, under applicable federal law but we won't work with customs or ice or border patrol beyond what the bare minimum is that. We're supposed, to do for example Shorewood says it police officers are not to detain a person for civil violation. Of federal immigration law the policies also say that no individual should be held based solely on a federal immigration detainers unless the person has been charged. With. A federal, crime okay so that's that's the closest we have around here to, a true sanctuary, city but, some places. New York San, Francisco they just say we're not. Going to cooperate period and if that means that We have arrested somebody for a serious offense and the feds want him and he's. Due to be released we're just gonna release him and if he kills someone well we're going to be willing to live with that like I say there are consequences for being a sanctuary city including and, it's an ongoing series of lawsuits is to how far the federal government can go in cutting off funds I think would. Ultimately is, going to happen is you might see a series of laws that are passed making it very clear. That if cities do not cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies that it's very clear that they can lose funding right now though that it's a matter. And. Working its, way through the court now why do I talk about sanctuary cities, because Walla tosa, Walwa tosa, of all. Places is apparently, getting ready to have a conversation. Considering jumping in to this Mess there is a new older woman Heather that keel cool who was elected in April and she is proposing that woah tosa adopt a sanctuary city ordinance all right she says that she's been watching what has been unfolding and feels, that the community needs to step up this is you folks, out, in Warwick tosa he says there's been so much fear and. Division, around this she sees this as an opportunity to share information, can other words let's make Warwick tosa a haven for people who are in the country illegally She says, all right well this is the idea I want. A commitment that the police in Warwick tosa is. Not gonna work, in partnership with the immigration people and the FBI to identify in custody aliens We're. Not going to, prosecute people for crimes they were. Going to, prosecute, people for crimes they commit and their immigration status should matter etcetera etcetera. The wall Walworth tosa police chief berry Weber who's been there forever he says like. I'm, not in favor of this he says look we don't normally, check the immigration status of people come into, contact with I see. The role of our department to enforce the statutes ordinances of our cities however, if, we come into contact with violent offender ordinance or not we would take. The appropriate. Law enforcement action which means all, right, you, know if this is somebody. That we've determined in this country illegally well yeah. We're going, to cooperate with the federal government to get the person, deported all right let's thi, this up, four one, four, seven nine nine one. Six twenty that is the accurate mortgage talk and text line now again being a sanctuary city means different things to different people but in its purest form It, is you do not cooperate with the federal government when it comes to. Immigration enforcement if it is something that you are absolutely required to do by law. Maybe, you will do it San Francisco backs off on that but, it is this is this something that's good, for while the tosa. Now again if wall would tosa were to do this my guess is they, would, be putting at least potentially at risk all sorts of dollars that they. Might getting. Either from the federal government or, from, the, state government but you know. Maybe they can win a lawsuit about that maybe. They, can't, four one four seven nine nine one six twenty should, Walla tosa become a sanctuary City would that be a, good idea let's discuss. I will tell you where I come down on?.

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