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Not entirely unprecedented this when your story made us look back and is actually four years ago at this point you remember when i was i hear johnson left covers the i didn't remember that but tony had told me about it and he had mentioned that to me so i knew a little bit you know about it they had outta conversation at one point so i knew a little about it surprise it doesn't happen more often it will look we gene chizik on this podcast what's different in that regard is gene came back for left left coaching for it's been a year now but he's in broadcasting i think it probably happens more maybe with guys who aren't quite as high profile maybe it's you know i have a good friend who was started out as a oklahoma state g a and then was a coordinator at small schools and just realize hey the money is better than me bouncing around but the hardest thing is you don't have any real stability you know you don't know if you're out of school look i mean tony levin ended up going with you know jeff rahm to purdue you know it's obviously a bigger job but you know it's just you don't find many guys who were were in the same year at nick sabin he's been there a long time he's by far at the top of the fruit chain there aren't a lot of situations worked out the way nick sabin has it at alabama you know a lot of guys who if their kids are able to be in one place for five years that's a long time.

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