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Mama the boys to men song a song for Mama Mother's Day. 2021. What are you doing for Mom today, Andy? Well, I'm gonna give her a call because they're out of town. You got off easy. Yeah, it's okay. Well center center flowers Friday. As a matter of fact, very nice like to avoid the rush of the mother's day Flowers Sunday less of a chance for it to get messed up. If it's coming big couple days early. I'm told that flowers are at a premium this year. Yeah, it was not inexpensive proposition, but my mom is well worth it. Well, happy birthday to your mom. Very, uh, you know, I keep saying Happy birthday Like the fifth time I've done that this way. What? There's a funny story. Mother's Day to your mom and ah, former former Mets play by play guy on Father's Day. He did this. He does this whole big presentation. System. All the dads out there. Happy birthday. That's me. I think I was Ralph Kinder that did that. Yeah, That's me today doing that, But happy birthday to Andy, though. Thank you. It's Andy's birthday tomorrow. We're celebrating. He brought us Portillo's chocolate cake today, courtesy of my girlfriend who wanted make sure everybody here was fed. Yeah, and he went on a South side story yesterday with Beverly Records. He would two top notch top notch burgers. He went to Rainbow scream. It was fun. He made the whole like Western Avenue Strip. It was great and then topped it off by going to Portillo's and very nice. That we want up with Portillo's chocolate cake today. That's becoming a tradition here. Leave. We had it last year. Yeah, because Dean, you're working remotely. A year ago. You're at the TV station so you can get to partake, so I wanted to make sure you have. That's right. So lovely, lovely tradition that we started like that. Uh, let me tell you, my my Portillo's chocolate cake story related to my mom. You know she was the Baker Baker's We when we were little kids. We were the kids that had birthday cakes that looked like rockets that looked like castles like she. That's what her job should have been. She should have been a professional baker because she loved it Number one, and she was amazingly talented. And created all of these beautiful artistic cakes. Really all of her life, You know for us, her kids, But for family members for friends, she was always doing that always baking cakes, so one family event. I said to her, I'm gonna bring dessert to the revenue dinner. I'm gonna bring us some Portillo's chocolate cake. And she said Oh told Mike, Don't waste your money on cake. A store bought cake. You can't start this not gonna be as good as the cake that I made. I said, I'm telling you, this cake is delicious. Just know while you were wasting you may as well take your money and throw it out the window. It's not going to be as good as any cake that I made and she made. She didn't go ahead. Make a cake. And stubbornly. I went ahead and brought Portillo's chocolate cake anyway. S o. You know, I said, just take a bite of it's like she didn't even want to try it. She was convinced it was going to be garbage because it was store bought and she takes takes Ah fork and takes a bite of the Portillo's chocolate cake. And she's savoring it. Your mouth like she's a summer yea tasting tasting wine. Exploring the subtle nuances and she takes it and she throws the fork on the table. She goes. That's damn good cake. Uh, convinced her that's good. Convince. She's right too. It is damned. Yes, it is. The lady was not lying, and it definitely is. Damn good cake. S so we're remembering moms today. You know, I wanted to spend you know, we always do. We always spend a little time talking about our favorite TV mom's TV and movie moms. And they did a recent survey. They do this every year. And Mrs C. Mrs Cunningham from Happy Days came out as the number one TV mom acts have been sure it has to be excellent choice. So disrespected her. I I I'm really a little surprised that that Just I mean, she's a fine representation of TV moms. But what about a Carol Brady? A. Carol Brady? What about a cartridge family? What about a Claire Huxtable? She was She was a fantastic mom. Uh, you know who I was speaking off, you know, Favorite moms on TV and the movies. My mom's favorite TV Mom, Doris Roberts from Everybody loves Raymond. Uh huh. And I got to say, I think that's Good choice. He would always say That's me. You see her? That's me. She's intrusive. She gets into your life, but you but she doesn't for love. That's what I do SA herself that way. But there are lots of them. So I want to open up the phone lines, is it? What about a June Cleaver? Yeah, there have been I was going to mention it, but I thought you'd make fun of me. What for? Because of a 1950. Yes, I would've I definitely would have made fun of you for that. What about Peggy Bundy? Peggy Bundy was good representation. Don't forget Laura Petrie. Losing my country was a great She was a mom. Laura Petrie was a great mom to little snot nose riches yet decided. I think Richie was kind of a little brat. Uh, been watching the reruns, which is kind of a pain in the neck. He would have gotten spanked in my house and a little more. Not by me. They would have shown that on not by 19 sixties TV, you know, I think it's a fantastic mother. Marge Simpson know? Yeah, Okay. Marge Simpson's a fantastic TV mom. She's been at it a long time. Yeah, those kids have not grown up 1000 tests and all that time 312981. 7 200 for your favorite TV moms you can call in would love to hear from you on this Mother's Day 3129817 200 but also your favorite movie moms. I definitely have some favorite movie moms, For example, I love the movie the blind side. That started Sandra Bullock. That was a beautiful representation of pure love and motherhood. There is Mommy theorist Faye Dunaway. Played a memorable movie Mom in that movie. Joan Crawford, speaking of Mommie Dearest in Mildred Pierce was fantastic Mom, Sally Field. Was one of my favorites in Forrest Gump. How about you 31 to 91? 7 200. You know what? This was one of my mom's favorite movies imitation of life. That starred not on Li, the great Lana Turner. But also this was a movie that also started one Eatem or Lana Turner was a single mom. Raising her daughter. She was like, sort of up and coming in show business. And Juanita Moore was sort of kind of a housekeeper for her, and she was raising her daughter, who was half African American, half white. And the daughter had a real problem with being mixed race. And it's this story about the raising of these two daughters and these two moms trying to do the best they could for their daughters. It's a heartbreaking movie. It's a tear jerking movie. But it was one of my mom's favorite. But both Lana Turner and especially one Needham or in that movie is absolutely stunning. What else do we have here? 31 to 91 7 200. Oh, how about how about Shirley Maclaine in terms of Endearment. Remember that scene. You know her daughter, Debra winger, who also played a great movie Mom in that film. Debra Winger's dying of cancer. It's time for pain medication, and Shirley Maclaine goes nuts with the nurses trying to get her daughter some some relief from the pain that she's in. From dying of cancer. She's amazing and that film 31 to 91 7 200 Sally Field again for a steel magnolias. Speaking of Mom's losing their daughters. Okay, let's get to our phone lines in our text lines. Your favorite movie moms and we start off with Mary calling in 3129817 200. You are on WGN. Mary. Oh, hi there, Dean. I'm just correction. I'm kidding you, but you said Mary Tyler Moore was a great man. But, I mean, I guess you meant expanding because she wasn't a very nice mom in ordinary people wouldn't even go in the picture with him. She was a pretty terrible nightmare, right? Right. And wasn't that part of the power of that movie of seeing somebody who we knew. As so lovable both from the Dick Van Dyke Show and also her own show The Mary Tyler Moore show. Oh, yeah, now now playing this awful character in ordinary people, but that she was You know, I don't want to say she was a great mom. But that was a great role of a mom. Right? Exactly is she is a good actress and that, but yeah, she was from Laura Petrie. Tol world worth, ma'am. All right. Take care of the very, very different. You're exactly right. Thank you for the call. This is Sandy. You're on WGN. Hello. How's it going? Hey, buddy. Hey, I think my favorite TV mom.

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