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Correct a lot of people get confused. He has his own bakruptcy with a different special litigation. Counsel that's who's investigating a. Erica jane for him and that he has trustee jason ryan. Who's handling his estate. I'm simply handling the law. Firms investigation of transfers to erica girardi. So you represent his former law firm that's trying to gain Some of the funds that went missing will only as it relates to eric girardi or her affiliated companies. There's different species of evidence that show that she's received transfers in that she's received some sort of value that's reflected on the books and records of the entities so when a company is put into bankruptcy trustee takes over what's called the management of the company and i represent the manager which is the trust state in simplest terms and sell. You know it's interesting because you're you're all over. Twitter obviously talked a lot about you on this show. Because you're an integral part and you posts things. That are very interesting to the people that follow this and one day i found interesting is that you actually represented taylor armstrong. Who's a former house. As beverly hills her ex husband who is now deceased. You represented him as well. Is that correct. It's half correct. I only represented russell armstrong not taylor armstrong wrestler in in a in like a bank to or in their divorce known actually neither I represented him in a business dispute and unfortunately as the dispute was going on just really collateral to the representation. He started the press started suggesting that there was domestic violence with taylor and he didn't know what they were talking about because there was no police report file. There was no investigation of domestic violence. And at the time there was a baseball incident in a cosmetic incident and so i'm merely took on the role of saying that there is no domestic violence investigation that i'm aware of and that we can't. I can't respond to something that is inaccurate. And so it kinda just fizzled away. And then unfortunately he took his own life because he was Couldn't keep up with the pressures of the show right. And i guess that those rumors and stories came out because in fact it was talked about on the show that she that there was a domestic or that that berle's were told by her that there was domestic violence in their marriage and that's how dot out cracked. It may have come out later. The timing of the initial allegation of wash u. was on the show are. I can't remember because it was over ten years ago. And i've been very careful not to speak about someone because he has a teenage daughter and i i mean look at the time. I defended him. Because he's my client. Taylor was not attacking him after the suicide. There was nothing to there was there is no real. Adversary issue was a total tragedy for the family. No one wanted him to take his own life and I think it in people's efforts to try to dig up stuff on prior clients of mine. there's been a hyper attention to my responses to adverse media publicity about russell armstrong than what he may or may not have done. I never defended him in a domestic violence case because he was never charged investigated sued. It was never parter. they're divorced. I mean it just wasn't an issue. It was this kind of speculation by the media because she had some bruises. And i nearly pointed out that my client denied it. There was alternatives for this in that that was the end of the day really for some reason over a decade ago. People don't realize the spatial proximity to those allegations versus when it was aired on the show in so now just sorta gets compacted a decade later. Okay so thanks for clearing that up okay. So now you've been working on this case. How long have you been hired by them. To actually be investigating money. That might have gone to erica. Girardi will. I've been working on exposing tom girardi since last year because contrary to what some people think my website i mean not my website by professional career nor my twitter account did not start with the girardi case. I've exposed many lawyers cluding michaelov nadi. I was at his trial last week. And i've exposed. There are problems in the early stages before everybody else knows about it. So i started focusing on gathering evidence in other Documents related. tom. Girardi and then. I was vetted for this position. Because i have an extensive background in a collection of a receivables and investigation of individuals that have debt obligations to various lenders in so I started working on this a couple months ago. Had to waste a lot of time with the targets attempted interference with my clients choice council. What does that mean in lebron's in layman's terms. It's i'm glad you follow it up. But i appreciate the astute question. The layman's terms. If two people are in a lawsuit. Heather the opposite side doesn't get to tell the other side who their lawyer is. That's not how it works. You don't have what's called standing like if you and your husband are in a divorce and peter shocking to tell you who you can hire. Does that make sense. Yes so you. He doesn't have any standing in less. The lawyer has represented peter. You're not going to the same thing. Goes for For this case. I've never represented eric girardi. So she has no standing to tell the trustee who the trustee can hire. Everybody gets to hire who they want. That's how it works. And what are you doing. I mean have you watched every episode. That she's been on and like taking notes for real. Of course i have relevant sections transcribe. Because i'm going to use them to further subpoenas because she's made a lot of important admissions on show in some inconsistencies in. That's all fair game. If a target put stuff on their twitter page or talks on television you can use those statements. of course. so let's just talk about a ring that was featured early on the jaguar cardiac ring and bravo put under a hundred seventy five thousand like. That's a nice little chunk. Do you know where the ring is. Is that something where you're like we're asking for this ring or where the ring is today. Was it sold. What like how does something. And then someone in her position can she. Just say yeah. I lost it. Not really a that doesn't work. I'm going to well first of all. I gathered evidence at the law firm had a lot of jewelry. Expenditures and thomas. Girardi is basically. He ran the firm. I don't think he was spying. That those type of race for associates wives in everybody else claims. They weren't his partner. So i i can tell you that. There's a strong probability that a lot of the jewelry purchases went to is a wife so we have evidence that and then we've asked for an inventory of the jewelry. How it was capitalized and If she said it was stolen it would be insured in. We would ask for police reports in insurance claims. But i don't think she's contending any of its stolen on churches contending their gifts and to there's that where it gets murky that a gift then is is not allowed to be touched like Like a piece of property might be that you both lived in. We'll talk about the real world. Then we'll talk about the legal world. I can't see your hands but are you wearing any jewelry right now. Yes i have my wedding ring and a ring. That i inherited from my mother okay. So let's let's keep let's just be it'd be fair to say that it would take a lot of work for a lawyer. Pull that wedding ring off your hand right. You're not given that very easily correct right. Okay i don't know a recipient of the beautiful ring in the world that's gonna let somebody. This yank the rain off their finger so to speak so on the practical sense. These gifts are very personal. In nature had the recipient is going to fly their vigorously to keep the gifts on the legal side. You really can't have millions of dollars worth jewelry where it's client settlement. Money are wrongfully appropriated..

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