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Hey, you're not fuck going on is to Cam girl versus house while show, but Cam grow isn't here because she is in another country somewhere. I don't fuck enough. We got Jesse Taylor and a fucking building. How the fuck are you? I'm great. I'm outing for today's slept for a whole di- woke about four o'clock in the morning, filmed again, started editing and then came straight here on the table. Okay. So before we even get into anything. Can we just talk about how you asked me Cam girl, spoke English before we started, like when I ask you to be on the show me 'cause I took a look at the profiles like there's no way this bitch. United states. Way way way off on first of all, that's cool. That's cool. Just like the way that she posted like. Thanks and stuff. You know, like with the effects in the picture like me, says, say, you're being me. A bird normal late Americans posted by okay really affected. Like you don't see like people. Never seen that before. She's korean. That's why she's like she is she's born in America. Didn't know she's being offensive. I literally didn't. Now you can say you're not trying to be offensive. But as a little you like now I literally looked like, wait, are you serious? Like I wasn't trying to be mean. I was I was like, yes, she does a weekly podcast with me like everyone. I know you were like, oh, what did you say you say? Oh I thought she said there. It looked like. Thought she didn't speak English. That she didn't think she'd just like there. Absolutely. It isn't like okay. Like I've never seen Kawai in my life. So imagine seeing that for the first time, what the fun rock or something never seen that kind of shit in my life. Like never played Pokemon growing up still never seen that kind of shit in my life. Okay. So tell me a little bit about how you got started with whatever. Whether you even do what do you exactly mean? Now, youtuber okay. Is that what you came in today? Good. Is that what you always been known for doing being youtuber? Like where you started wanted to. I've wanted to be Robert forever, but that never took off. So how would you never took off? Since I was like eleven. Putting out music, like I was like eighteen I started putting out music. And then it just. I'm twenty one. So it hasn't been that long acting like chance. Well, like blew up with YouTube. I'm just gonna stick to what I'm good..

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