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It could it's thought translating okay i'm going under at my andrei visit it's part of by the way we've been seeing wrong is telugu sorry about the elegant sari tell about telugu i've been saying that wrong to everybody but said um so if you if you have an updated your mack your iowa's devices did apple tv and apple watch they got update through was at all ceo apple apple apple watch will render i messages those sure sure and once your updating all the parts such as he said all the update was we who is there any i mean there they don't owe they're not always come there was a second fix that they actually put up in the public notes oh isn't anything a major and then there's usual list of taiwan puree much or rush and get it out by monday yeah and we're kinda done with the spectre meltdown stuff right guts it's it's done as lawyer retail people think of new exploits enable deliver thing that could have been done immediately has been done at alves just had patching new holes from the canoe as they is here yeah yeah yeah apple i you will be happy to know has filed for a trademark for the classic rainbow apple logo could they got around it will be i guess they're going to do the retro stuff cells so i didn't know the history of this it was designed to replace the newton air logo back and ninety 77 designer rob jan off created it it lasted twenty years steve jobs replaced it when he came back to apple and ninety seven with the monochromatic logo i didn't realize it's been that long now it'll tshirt without logo and cups without logo for sale at the impotent loop apples filet shirt implant that's best route that's what i was thinking of their now now there again selling products with it perhaps they want that to.

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