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Five more minutes with your kids on technology doesn't end up being five more hours you need circle. Circle is is the easiest way to manage your family's online time across all of their connected devices inside and outside your home I with circle home. Plus into the circle. Appearance can filter what content wanted is allowed set limits for screen time and monitor history and usage. That is huge. I know a lot of you with kids. Maybe they're just starting to use technology. Oh dear you've got teenagers in the home and you desperately want to know what's going on in their technological devices but you don't know how to do that This is aid agreed. Option for you keep track across every connected device from laptops phones tablets to smart. TV's even streaming devices and video game consoles all from one APP. You'll never stop worrying about your kids. I already realized that as a mother of a baby using technology yet but I understand the worry and the concerned that you have and they just kind of evolve over time with the different things that are going on. In your child's life and technology is a huge part of all of our children's lives or will be depending on how old your kid is so this is a great resource agree tool for all of us right now our listeners get thirty dollars off circle home plus when you visit me circle dot com slash alley and inter alia checkout so you can get thirty dollars off a circle home plus when you visit meet circle dot com slash alley. That's a l L. L. I. E. and when you purchase inter my name Alley at checkout. You can at least just go check it out and meet circle dot com slash alley. Just see if it's something that would be good for your family family. So get thirty dollars off to meet circle dot com slash alley use Promo Code Alley so they know that our show label since you..

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