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In his ear. Don't worry about breaking my heart I. Am all yours? Unless? Of course there's another woman that you belong to sir. Go Wayne assured her that there was no one else, but he would not betray his host. The Lady resigned to the Knights dismissals asked for one final kiss. Another request she wanted his glove something to remember him. by Sir go wayne sat up if he had a hundred men all carrying his finest possessions, it wouldn't be a gift. Worthy of her Amir Glove would be an insult. The lady accepted the compliment, and countered with a gift of her own, a red and gold ring, but Sir Wayne refused. The gold ring was far too glamorous for a night. She took the ring back, but began to undo her belt instead of fine silk of green with gold trimmings. Surely Sir Wayne could accept that gift. Again Surrogate Wayne declined. The lady was now offended, not even this girdle. If you only knew how precious this piece is, whoever wears? This belt cannot be harmed. Sergei Wayne's is grew wide. It was New Year's Eve tomorrow. You would have to face the Green Knight. This belt might be his only chance at surviving. Sir, go Wayne took the lady's hand. He would be honored to take such a precious gift. The lady leaned close and kissed Sagawa Wayne. She held his gaze and whispered. Whatever you do, do not tell my husband..

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