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It does me to go around dishonest media and allow me to that because the following is so large between twitter and facebook and all of the different things have so many millions of people me to give a message without necessarily having gets up through people were i'm giving them a message and they're putting it down differently from what i mean you are listening to the laura ingraham show eight five five forty laura what was that from what was that was that trump from okay as under do it louis c k which is what we're talking about my segment the completely different topic on greta greta van susteren sowell has written a book about social media and how to use social media no about social media so that's her book it's coming out next week riina torture about that book when it's out or we can talk about it now marine brought greta on today is to talk about this revelation which shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone about this louise c k who is a socalled comedian who has been now accused of well has been accused of uh showing himself to various girls and uh masturbating and lov og more corners to them and cut corners them and len business is that he needs to turn this in his act he's mentioned this in his act four years yeah this has been going on and the way he performs he jokes about this but greta thought why is this guy being invited to speak at the radio and television correspondent saw association dinner when he's set the most horrific things about sarah palin and her special needs daughter he has a problem with women in other words joining us now mile john powell greta van susteren she's.

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