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Way can save a huge amount of money by buying a ticket changing planes there that you don't take the connecting flight. And so the fair may drop by sixty seventy eighty percent by doing that. And there's even a website called skip lagged that United Airlines sued years ago to try to get the site shut down and skip lagged. I'll spell it. S K I P L A G GED dot com. Tells you how to beat the system at the airline hubs just for reference for the prior mentioned United for flights to Chicago, Houston Newark, many times, the fares are crazy high. And so people were you skip lagged to beat those high fares. Delta, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Detroit. American Airlines, Charlotte. Philadelphia dallas. And so these airlines build these fortresses United is really upset about people not paying the fortress hub price when they're going to the fortress hub doing a hidden city, or what skip lag, call skip flagged. I don't know where they came up with that term so United according to Inc magazine is now threatening people with lawsuits and collection agencies for doing hidden city tickets. So let's say as an example, you were going to Houston. And instead you might buy a ticket to Austin or San Antonio or El Paso, and it might cut your price eighty ninety percent when you.

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